Online NFL Betting Headlines Surrounding Super Bowl LI

Posted by: Anthony Yaylor
Super Bowl LI - Patriots vs Falcons betting Odds

After a grueling online NFL betting season, sportsbook fans can let out a sigh of relief as the Super Bowl is finally upon us. It’s been a tumultuous season to say the least that was full of surprises. From the Carolina Panthers falling off the edge of the earth, to the Dallas Cowboys having the luckiest draft class of the century, the 2016 season was one nobody could have foretold. But now bettors can finally prepare for the dramatic conclusion that it’s all been leading up to – and it certainly is not devoid of headlines.

Inarguably the juiciest story surrounding this year’s title match is the relationship surrounding Tom Brady and the NFL’s commissioner. Roger Goodell’s tenure as the commissioner of the league has been rife with controversy. Stemming from what many perceive to be a misuse of power, to varying degrees of inconsistency with the punishments the league is dealing. For example, Tom Brady received a 4-game suspension for violating league rules. Specifically, tampering with the psi of the pigskin (which was never proven) but more so for not being more responsive to the NFL’s investigation. The controversy arose when people contrasted Brady’s suspension to the penalties other players have received for domestic abuse. In short, they were basically the same which led many people to speculate that the league considers cheating in a football game to be on par, or worse, than abusing a woman.

Naturally, sportsbook fans would disagree with that sentiment. But in the commissioner’s defense, he has had to navigate the league through some difficult times. Whether it be the endless cases of domestic abuse or drug charges that players habitually find themselves in, or Mike Vick’s stint with animal abuse, Goodell has had his hands full from day one. But that still doesn’t change the fact that Goodell is soon going to have to face the one person he doesn’t want to; the most accomplished quarterback in Super Bowl history.

When Goodell first suspended Brady online NFL betting fans were ecstatic. The Patriots – who are widely criticized for being cheaters – were finally getting the punishment they deserved. But as time passed on the NFL’s quasi-substantiated claims began to disintegrate. The NFL’s argument, once held to be true and righteous, soon became perceived as an arrogant power struggle between an organization and its employee.

Leading up to Super Bowl LI, most people who bet on football are siding with Brady over the commissioner. Most people consider that Brady was wrongly punished for an overinflated (pun intended) scandal that ultimately had no impact on how the AFC championship game turned out. The Pats steamrolled Indianapolis and they would have done so with underinflated balls, overinflated balls, and even whiffle balls.

So while most people have a strong dislike for the Patriots and the controversy they have stirred, others are starting to root for Brady and Belichick. Sure, no one really wants to see Brady win another Super Bowl and cement himself as the greatest quarterback to ever play the game, but at the same time having to see Goodell hand the Vince Lombardi trophy to a person he undoubtedly dislikes is just too alluring to pass up.

So what are the chances of Brady forcing the commissioner to eat his own words? Check out the sportsbook odds down below and find out for yourself.


New England Patriots             -3 (-110)          58 (-110)         -160
Atlanta Falcons                       +3 (-110)         58 (-110)         +140