Online NFL Betting Contenders in the NFC South

Posted by: Mike Davis
Contenders in the NFC South to Win 2017

The online NFL betting season is inching closer every day and before you know it, sportsbook fans will be picking sides for the Super Bowl. With the Atlanta Falcons’ recent loss still fresh in our minds, many bettors will want to know if the Falcons have a shot at going back to the Super Bowl in 2017 – or if they’ll even stand a shot at winning the division. To help answer that question, let’s take a look at what sports betting sites are predicting for the NFC South this season.

Atlanta Falcons

Odds to Win NFC South: +170 Odds to Win Super Bowl: +1425

The Falcons delivered an 11-5 season last year that allowed the franchise to start their journey to the Super Bowl. Unfortunately for Atlanta, their inability to close out the title match will go down in online NFL betting history as the biggest blunder the league has ever seen.

Now, in 2017, Atlanta fans are expecting great things from their team, but they might be the only ones. The NFC South is notorious for producing a playoff team that does absolutely nothing the following season. Take the 2015 Carolina Panthers who had one of the most explosive offenses we’ve seen recently. After losing to the Broncos in the Super Bowl, the Panthers failed to post a winning record the following season.

The big question surrounding Atlanta is whether or not they will fall victim to the curse of the NFC South. They have the makings of a playoff contender but in the NFC South, nothing is guaranteed.

Carolina Panthers

Odds to Win NFC South: +260 Odds to Win Super Bowl: +3250

As mentioned above, the Panthers turned in an extremely disappointing performance in 2016. The franchise suffered a string of losses early in the season that put them in a hole too deep to overcome. But what can we expect from the Panthers in 2017?

The Panthers had problems on both sides of the ball last season. Their offense was the 19th worst in the league and their defense was listed at 21st. It’s hard to find a reason for their offensive woes, but their defense definitely lost an edge when they lost a considerable amount of talent in free agency.

This offseason, the Panthers haven’t been making moves that jump out at you. That said, it’s hard to imagine the Panthers delivering more than 8 or 9 wins this upcoming online NFL betting season.

New Orleans Saints

Odds to Win NFC South: +460 Odds to Win Super Bowl: +5750

The Saints have now delivered three consecutive 7-9 seasons, leading many sportsbook players to believe that New Orleans will fail to post a winning season yet again. The Saints are one of the few teams that have a blatant kink in the armor, namely a tragically poor defense.

The Saints were penultimate in points allowed last season, last in passing yards and 27th in total yards allowed per contest. This proved to be too much for their offense to counter, despite the fact that their offense was 1st in both passing and total yards, and 2nd in points scored.

If the defense can play somewhat well this season, the Saints should have little difficulty being sportsbook contenders in the South.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Odds to Win NFC South: +355 Odds to Win Super Bowl: +3850

The Bucs were close to making the playoffs last season, but they just didn’t accomplish enough during the regular season and their 9-7 2016 record reflects that perfectly. The Bucs are still a young team and if they work out the kinks they can certainly compete for the division title. Tampa Bay was 18th in total offense last season and 23rd in total defense.