Online NFL Betting Books Recap Championship Weekend

Posted by: Mike Davis
NFL Conference Championships Games Betting Recap

The 2018 online NFL betting championship round is in the books and it was not without surprise. On one hand, seeing New England come out on top wasn’t all too surprising. But seeing how much the refs favored the Pats over the Jaguars certainly was. Likewise, no one was expecting a blowout in the NFC Championship game, which is just what we got. And now that the Super Bowl is two weeks away, sportsbook players will have a little time to recap the madness we witnessed. Without further ado, let’s dive into this year’s NFL conference championship recap.

NFC Conference Game || Eagles def. Vikings 38-7

Football betting books got it wrong when they said the Vikings would come out on top, and the way in which the game unfolded made them look like fools. Leading up to this weekend’s action, online NFL betting sites gave Minnesota a 3 ½ point spread to cover. In the end, Minnesota would lose by 31: an astronomical amount. So what went wrong for Minnesota?

In short, Case Keenum did. That and the Vikings’ defense was nowhere to be found. However, when your defense fails to show you up you need your offense to come out swinging. Unfortunately for the Vikes, Keenum is not that guy.

In the end, Keenum would finish the day with 2 interceptions, a 58% completion percentage, and a 63.3 passer rating. That’s not the performance Minnesota needed and it highlights the dilemma they currently have at quarterback. Moving forward, the Vikings will have to figure out if they want to turn back to Sam Bradford, or even bring Teddy Bridgewater back into the mix. Bridgewater recently expressed emphatically that he would be under center in 2018, but it’s hard to imagine the Vikings being excited about bringing back a guy who spent the last two years sidelined.

As for their defense, Minnesota allowed 456 yards on the day. Considering that this is a defensive football team, that kind of performance is flat out embarrassing. If you build a team around a defense, and that defense fails you when you need it most, what good is your philosophy? Don’t expect online NFL betting players to favor Minnesota next season.

AFC Conference Game || Patriots def. Jaguars 24-20

This was the game to watch this weekend, but the finish was disappointing to say the least. Over the last couple of years, rumors have arisen that the NFL is fixing certain matchups. The reasons to do so are bountiful; better ratings, better numbers equals more revenue. And while no one really wants to believe in such conspiracy, it’s getting hard not to.

This past weekend we witnessed something that is practically impossible to explain. In the conference championship, the Jaguars would get penalized 6 times for 98 yards while the Pats suffered a lone penalty on the day for 10 yards. The difference is staggering and those who tuned in for the match know those penalties came at the most opportune time for New England.

Is Tom Brady that good? Is a 40-year old quarterback really able to do it again and again? Watching Brady do the impossible by coming back from that huge deficit in last year’s Super Bowl was barely believable. But watching Brady come back against a defense as dominant as Jacksonville’s is borderline ridiculous. No one is that good. Not even if you watch your diet and apply the pseudoscience that is the TB12 method.