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Online NFL Betting Aftermath of A Team’s Departure

We’ve all been patiently watching the online NFL betting season unfold, awaiting the next biggest signing or trade that could ignite the NFL wire. But there hasn’t been any bombshells dropped lately, and ever since the Texans made that NBA-esque trade with the Browns, the NFL headlines have died down a bit. But that doesn’t mean that there’s nothing to talk about. In fact, in absence of a riveting story from the NFL, sportsbook players can turn their attention to smaller, sub-stories that are equally as important but perhaps don’t receive the national spotlight they deserve.

Latest Online NFL Betting News

One particular storyline that deserves contemplation is the effect that NFL franchises have on cities, specifically cities from which they depart. In the past couple of years, online NFL betting fans have witnessed NFL teams migrate from their home cities in unprecedented numbers. In every scenario, these teams left their city holding the check.

Housing A Dream Team

Housing an NFL team is easier said than done. Team’s need stadiums, practice facilities, and other venues that, more often than not, the teams are unwilling to finance. But having an NFL team in your own city is such an enticing idea. So much so, that many times the city’s governing body will convince it’s people that using public funds in order to build a stadium that will convince (more like bribe) a team to move to that city is a good idea. Spoiler Alert; it’s not.

The Debt Remains the Same

While NFL teams have the right to get up and walk away from their home cities, the cities cannot exercise that walk-out option. And since NFL stadiums are so costly, it means that the city is left paying the bill for a team it no longer houses, a stadium it will no longer use, and a memory it will no longer cherish.

Oakland, St. Louis and San Diego are all currently undergoing this experience. The Raiders moved over to Las Vegas, the Rams went back to Los Angeles, and the Chargers decided that the City of Angels was big enough for two. Back in the 90s, the governing body of those cities decided to waste around $570 million (combined for all 3 cities) in order to make the move happen. But it didn’t pay off and $220 million (combined again) of that sum is still owed. A burden that will fall solely on the shoulders of the taxpayers.

Aftermath of A Bad Breakup

In Oakland, the Raiders are expected to play at the Oakland Coliseum for at least 1 or two more seasons. Afterwards, the team will head over to their new $1.9 billion domed NFL home in Las Vegas. Hopefully the Raiders will be more generous to Las Vegans. Oakland’s taxpayers will have to cough up $90 million to help cover repairs that were done to the Coliseum back in 1995.