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Online Football Betting Predicts Another L for Cleveland

Posted by: Mike Davis

The Cleveland Browns posted an undefeated record through the 2017 online NFL betting preseason. This lead many bettors to anticipate a change from the Browns in 2017. Fans weren’t necessarily expecting a 13-3 season, but at the very least most bettors expected Cleveland to contend with a .500 record. But 6 weeks into the season, the Browns have yet to win a game. Granted, Cleveland has been more competitive in those losses than in years past. But regardless, if you’re not getting anything in that win column, it doesn’t matter how close your losses are.

This Sunday Cleveland will vie to snap their winless streak. Unfortunately for the franchise, they’ll have to contend with the Houston Texans this Sunday. Houston is coming off a big loss to the Kansas City Chiefs in a game in which JJ Watts went down with injury. Will the loss coupled with the absence of their starter motivate sports wagering sites to give Cleveland a fighting chance this Sunday?

Cleveland Browns vs. Houston Texans – Sunday, October 15th

When: 1:00 pm ET

Where: NRG Stadium, Houston


Stream: CBS Sports

Online Football Betting Odds:

Cleveland Browns +10 (-115)           45 (-115)

Houston Texans -10 (-105)                45 (-105)

Cleveland Browns

At 0-5, the Browns are starting to get desperate for a win. At this point, the franchise might be better off purposely losing as many games as possible in order to snag that No. 1 pick in the 2018 draft. But that strategy doesn’t exactly pander to a fan base, one that has gone way too long without something to look for on Sundays.

All things considered, the Browns have had chances to win football games. Excluding their 31-7 blowout to the Cincinnati Bengals during Week 4, the Browns have lost each of their games by an average of 5.75. That in of itself is a turnaround for the Browns. However, Cleveland still has light-years to go if they are to challenge the Pittsburgh Steelers in the AFC North.

Houston Texans

The Houston Texans march into this Week 6 online NFL betting contest sporting a 2-3 record that ranks them 2nd in the AFC South alongside the Indianapolis Colts and Tennessee Titans. The Texans lost their 2017 debut to the Jacksonville Jaguars 29-7. However, even though that loss counts down the road, Houston didn’t start Deshaun Watson in that game. Needless to say, the Texans are a much different team nowadays.

But even with Watson under center, Houston has lost games to the New England Patriots 36-33 and 42-34 to the Kansas City Chiefs this past Sunday night. Losing to the reigning Super Bowl champions and the current front runners in the AFC is not a sign of a bad team. Rather, it’s a sign of an offense that needs to get as much experience as possible.

All things considered, Watson has been pretty great for Houston considering he’s a rookie. Watson enters this Week 6 matchup sporting 12 touchdowns, 4 interceptions, 1,072 yards and a 100.7 passer rating. Regardless of how the Texans finish the 2017 season, their fans can rest assured knowing great things are coming in the future. NFL sportsbook players betting on this contest should stick to the Texans.