Is OBJ to Blame for Giants’ Football Betting Online Loss?

Posted by: Anthony Yaylor
Is OBJ to Blame for Giants’ Football Betting Online Loss?

With their humbling loss to the Green Bay Packers this past football betting online weekend, the New York Giants have packed up their bags and are ready to watch the remainder of the playoffs from the comfort of their couch, just like the rest of us.

In their Wild Card confrontation, the Giants were able to get out to a quick start by earning a 6-point lead over the Packers. Instrumental to gaining that slight, early advantage was Big Blue’s defensive efforts, which surprised anyone who bet on NFL games during the Wild Card weekend. The Giants were able to sack the NFL’s most elusive quarterbacks on several occasions, one which kept the Packers out of field goal range.

On offense the Giants weren’t as stellar, and this time the blame wasn’t Eli Manning’s. Accounting for how cold and harsh the climate is at Lambeau Field, football betting online fans should agree that Manning was doing a pretty good job of throwing a spiral. But on the other end, his receivers weren’t doing a very good job of catching the football.

Earlier in the week, New York’s wide receivers, led by Odell Beckham Jr. and Victor Cruz, decided to take a mini vacation down to Florida. Specifically, once the Giants had finished  their Week 17 contest at Washington, a group of the Giants receivers elected not to fly back home with the team, but rather to take a flight down to Florida for some off time.

Football betting online fans should take note that it was their off day and in order for them to have been able to go there, there must have been some sort of approval from New York’s management. With that in mind, the trip itself isn’t entirely the players fault. Sure, it was extremely immature, but just like in a regular family, the child tends to be immature and it is the job of the parent to discipline and edify their youngling, something New York’s management failed to do in this scenario.

Once in Florida, the receivers were not shy about taking shirtless pictures on a boat while sunbathing. The problem with this is not so much that the athletes were enjoying their time off but rather the message it sends out, to both the Green Bay Packers and the New York Giants, as well as fans who are looking to bet on NFL games.

Taking pictures while sunbathing in warm weather, when you should be preparing to play an elite football team in subfreezing temperatures, makes it seem like you aren’t taking the playoff situation seriously. To your teammates, it makes it seem like you aren’t doing everything in your power to win the game, and to your opponent it appears that you don’t respect them, nor take them seriously.

Come game time, both Odell Beckham Jr. and Victor Cruz dropped crucial catches, including two that would have indubitably been for a touchdown. Instead of going up by 6 the Giants would’ve gone up 14-0 and who knows how the game would have turned out. The final score read 38-13 Packers and everyone who watched that contest felt that Beckham’s pitiable performance had something to do with his excursion earlier in the week. In the end, those who bet on NFL games and picked the Giants, were robbed due to Beckham’s antics.

Afterwards Beckham was adamant that there was no correlation between his endless dropped passes and his decision to visit Florida earlier in the week. But for everyone with an outsider’s vantage point, it’s clear that Beckham’s decision cost his team greatly, and in the end, there won’t be any online Super Bowl betting lines for the Giants.