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NFL Update: New England Patriots Show Interest in Wide Receiver Julio Jones

The NFL season might be long gone but teams are already preparing for their upcoming 2021 NFL by getting new players on their squad. One of the rumors includes Julio Jones. The upcoming season is expected to start on September 9, 2021. Fans who will bet on football will look forward to good news. The league has expanded their regular 16-game season to 17 games this year. NFL fans are already excited about this decision. Bettors will have extra games to place bets on their favorite teams. Last season was a bit of a challenge with the pandemic and its precautions. However, this year is believed to be better and bigger.

New England Patriots Interest in Julio Jones

The New England Patriots have been one of those favorite teams to reach the super bowl last season, but the odds were not in their favor. The Patriots have now shown some interest in acquiring Julio Jones from the Atlanta Falcons. Jones has been an incredible wide receiver. There are a bunch of teams that would want to get their hands on this impressive player. It turns out that the Patriots have had internal discussions about Jones and they might look at their possibilities for trade. The Patriots have made changes already with their receiving corps in the offseason. Kendrick Bourne, Hunter Henry, Nelson Agholor, and Jonnu Smith are the new additions.

Potential Destinations for Jones

While the Patriots might be the first on the list to show interest in Jones, they are certainly not the only one. Arizona Cardinals might be the other potential destination for the Falcons wide receiver. The 32-year-old seems to be in demand as the San Francisco 49ers seem to be the other team to express interest. The Cardinals will need a wide receiver like Jones to add to their talented team. It makes sense for Arizona since DeAndre Hopkins stated that he would restructure his contract if Jones got on board.

Jones is considered the NFL’s most productive receiver and he will want the remaining years of his career with a great team. On the other hand, the Cleveland Browns appear to be the other potent team for Jones. The Brows have a salary cap space of $20 million and Jones will be the right prospect with his solid running game. Indianapolis Colts will take the shot with a player like Jones to complement Michael Pittman and TY Hilton. Jones has averaged 1,564.66 yards per season during 2014-2019. His potential will not go in vain and every team would want a wide receiver like Jones.

Patriots Stand the Chance

It turns out that the New England Patriots stand the best chance of getting Jones on their squad. He is a confident player that will love to play with Cam Newton. One of the league’s best wide receivers has a great chance to land with the Patriots. If the Patriots miss this opportunity the other teams interested are the New York Jets and Jacksonville Jaguars. While trade deals continue to take their course, the best nfl betting website will soon be up with the odds and predictions of each game.