NFL Super Bowl LV: Patrick Mahomes Prop Bets and Odds

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
NFL Super Bowl LV Patrick Mahomes Prop Bets and Odds

The NFL Super Bowl is just around the corner and Kansas City Chiefs seem to be the favorite to win this title. The Chiefs will go down in history once again if they get to win against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Kansas City has never been better with some of their top players on their squad doing their best. Defending Super Bowl MVP and quarterback Patrick Mahomes has been the bright spot for his team right from the start of this season. With just two defeats in their regular season clinching the AFC West Conference title was no major task for the Chiefs. The 2021 NFL prop bets have been circulating around some of the top players including Tom Brady from the Buccaneers. There is no doubt that Patrick Mahomes is one to top the list.

Prop Bets for Patrick Mahomes

The talented quarterback is back and he proved his worth against Buffalo Bills in the NFL Conference Championship game. The Chiefs would not have achieved success without the help of Mahomes. Kansas City was way too strong as they scored 38 and gave up just 24. Patrick Mahomes will continue to play his role against the Buccaneers. He is among the most popular prop bets. Patrick will touch close to 330 plus passing yards with 18.5 in rushing and 0.5 interceptions. Back in 2020, Mahomes touched 296.3 yards on average in his playoffs against the Buffalo Bills and Cleveland Browns. Mahomes has a high passing line and was noted for his performance against the Buccaneers in their Week 12 game. Mahomes humiliated the Buccaneers with 462 passing yards and three TDs in total.

Kansas City Chiefs Total Field Goals Prediction

Kansas City Chiefs Moneyline
Over 1 -125
Under 1 -115
Exactly 1 +350

Kansas City Chiefs Total Touchdown Predictions

Kansas City Chiefs Moneyline
Over 4 +200
Under 4 -125
Exactly 4 +300

Patrick Mahomes Predicted Prop Picks against the Buccaneers

Mahomes is expected to go under 2.5 with his passing touchdowns.
Patrick is expected to go under 18.5 yards with rushing yards.
Mahomes is expected to go under 41.5 with passing attempts.
Patrick is expected to go under 28.5 with total passing completions.
Patrick is expected to go over 0.5 with interceptions.

Kansas City Chiefs vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers Team Props and Odds

Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady are currently the leading quarterbacks with two of the best NFL teams this season. Both players have come a long way and their final battle is yet to take place. The NFL props betting has never been easier for bettors to place their bets with all the information intact. The Chiefs might hold the key to success in this game with the help of their top players in the right spot. Kansas City Chiefs also have Travis Kelce as their tight end who has contributed his best this season. That said, keeping an eye on prop bets for Patrick Mahomes will be a wise decision.