2019 NFL Super Bowl Futures Betting Options (Best of the Best)

Posted by: Charlie Smith
2019 NFL Futures Betting Options!

As we make our way through the online NFL betting offseason, fans have plenty of news to keep up with. What with all the trades, signings and transactions that happen during this time of the year. However, sportsbook fans who feel confident about their 2020 Super Bowl betting predictions should go ahead and make their daring wager in order to capitalize on some great early-on odds. So to help size up the field, we’ve put together a little guide that sizes up the biggest favorites. Here are your best 2019 NFL futures betting options.

Super Bowl LIV Betting Futures || Current Favorites

New England Patriots +700

Coming off a dominant win over one of the hottest teams in the NFL, there’s no team more deserving of this favoritism. Moreover, the Pats still enter next year’s season with the most successful quarterback in NFL history and what is ubiquitously considered one of the best minds the league has ever seen.  So with Tom Brady and Belichick back in full swing, we know at the very least New England will make the playoffs. And judging from the last couple of years, a playoff berth for New England is essentially a Super Bowl berth for the Patriots.

But like LeBron, who made 8 consecutive NBA Finals appearances, getting to the show isn’t good enough; you have to win. And historically, the Patriots aren’t a sure bet in the Super Bowl. We’ve seen them come up short against the likes of Eli Manning twice and once to a backup quarterback, amongst other Super Bowl losses.

So when it comes to the Patriots, it’s more than likely that they’ll make another Super Bowl appearance next season. Albeit, the field is getting tougher and tougher each year. But even if they do make it, there’s no guarantee they win. Therefore, you do not want to make this prediction.

Los Angeles Rams +765

The Rams are coming off a Super Bowl loss but are still pegged as heavy online NFL betting favorites to win the title next season. Because of this, you have to ask whether or not this will aid or cripple them. After all, we’ve seen teams suffer devastation following a Super Bowl loss, often referred to as the case of the Super Bowl blues.

All in all, there’s no question this team has the makings of a Super Bowl contender. They have a strong and boisterous defense that is as ball-hawking as they come. They have a young and capable quarterback in Jared Goff who isn’t chewing up too much of the salary cap. Additionally, they have arguably the best receiving corps in the NFL backed by one of the most dynamic backs in Todd Gurley. So considering all that they have, it’s tough not to see them as a Super Bowl contender.

Nevertheless, the Rams didn’t look that great in the Super Bowl. On one hand, it can be said they were thrown off by the immense spectacle that is the NFL Championship. On the other, you can assert that they were simply outcoached by a man who’s been there more times than one would care to count. So if you want to back the Rams the question is simple: did their Super Bowl loss give them the necessary experience to win an NFL title?

Kansas City Chiefs +825

Like the Rams, the Chiefs are clear-cut favorites to win next year’s Super Bowl. After all, they have the modern day recipe for success in the NFL. That recipe revolves around drafting a young quarterback (who won’t chew up the salary cap) and surrounding him with immense talent. However, there is a hurdle that Kansas City must overcome this upcoming season.

Simply put, the Chiefs lost plenty of offensive contribution with Kareem Hunt’s departure. Hunt, who is now signed with the Browns, provoked Kansas City’s condescendence by engaging in unacceptable off the field behavior. And without him, there’s no telling how much the Chiefs’ offensive production will suffer.

Additionally, Tyreek Hill is currently suspended indefinitely. And seeing as how Hill was one of Patrick Mahomes’ favorite targets, it’s looking like we can expect Kansas City to struggle a bit. Moreover, their defense wasn’t as sharp as online NFL betting fans would’ve liked to see. Lastly, defenses have plenty of tape to go over from Mahomes so it’s unlikely that the youngster will be as dangerous this upcoming year.

New Orleans Saints +815

The Saints are the last team in the NFL facing favorable odds to win next year’s Super Bowl. All in all, it’s somewhat surprising to see the Saints facing such favorable odds. Sure, they’re coming off a brilliant 13-3 season that saw them win the division and make it all the way to the NFC Championship game. That championship game was extremely tight and New Orleans could’ve very easily made the Super Bowl.

But the problem here isn’t necessarily that the Saints aren’t coming off a great season. The problem is that New Orleans is as inconsistent as they come. For example, after posting three winning seasons from 2009-2012, the team would go on to finish 7-9 in 2012. Although they bounced back the next year with an 11-5 record, they would follow that season with 3-straight 7-9 performances.

The bottom line here is that the Saints are extremely inconsistent. There’s no denying that they have one of the most accurate passers in the game, a great running back duo and tremendous talent at the wideout position. However, their defense just isn’t that strong. Although they exceled against the run, they finished 29th in the league against the pass, 14th in total defense and 14th as well in points allowed. This could pose problems for New Orleans this season. Lastly, the NFC South is arguably the most tumultuous division in the league and there’s no telling how it will turn out from year-to-year. With this in mind, it’s clear mobile betting fans should shy away from backing New Orleans as a Super Bowl favorite.