NFL Ratings Down, Online NFL Betting Up

Posted by: Anthony Yaylor
NFL Ratings Down, Online NFL Betting Up

The ratings are in and Thursday Night Football is down. At this point, there’s no use denying it. The NFL has been struggling – maybe struggling is too strong a word, but what else can you use to describe the dip in the NFL’s ratings. The truth is people just aren’t finding professional football that entertaining any more. Maybe it could have something to do with the incessant fines the NFL keeps handing out? Or perhaps the unbridled efforts on behalf of the NFL to censor the game? The polls show there’s a multitude of reasons why people are just not tuning into the NFL. And some of it has to do with online NFL betting. Recently, the NFL started cracking down on daily fantasy sports leagues. This coupled with player’s Anthem protests, the increasing amount of blowouts, or the hilariously boring endings that games keep providing, and it’s easy to see why people keep changing the channel on the NFL. But even though people aren’t tuning in to catch the games, gambling fans are still flooding to football betting sites to wager on the best NFL lines. Just like before, this Thursday will provide another opportunity for fans to wager on NFL games.

This week, the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Tennessee Titans will be squaring off to provide Week 8’s Thursday Night Football Action. This will be a divisional matchup, so you can expect both teams to be playing a little heated. Do the online NFL betting odds predict a rating-favorable matchup?

Week 8 – Thursday, October 27th (Full Limits Available on Game Day)

Jacksonville Jaguars +3 ½ (-115) 45 ½ (-110)
Tennessee Titans -3 ½ (-105) 45 ½ (-110)

Once again, the bookies have decided to favor the winningest team this Thursday. The Titans have more wins than the Jaguars, but not by much. Tennessee is coming into this game at 3-4, and it has certainly been a bumpy season. With their only wins of the year coming against the Lions, the Dolphins, and the Browns, it’s safe to say the Titans haven’t been the most competitive team this season. This past weekend Tennessee faced Indianapolis, and although they didn’t play terrible football, they couldn’t find a way to win either. With the taste of their 34-26 loss still lingering in the Titans mouth; will Tennessee be able to bounce back against their AFC South opponent?

Last season the Jaguars led the league in plays over 20+ yards. This season, their offense has been disappointing at best. Jacksonville’s passing offense is the 17th worst in the NFL – and that’s the best rank their offense has, everything else is ranks around 30. Their defense however, has made some great improvements since last year. Currently the Jaguar’s defense ranks 6th against the pass, 18th against the run, and their overall defense ranks 9th in the NFL. Tennessee is a good rushing team, so the Jaguars might still have their hands full this Thursday.

With a three-point spread, the online NFL betting odds are predicting a close contest. Whether or not it will be entertaining will be another thing, but these two better hope to put on a show or else the NFL’s ratings will continue to drop.