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NFL Prop Betting Around the Game

NFL Prop Betting: Have you been looking for the best NFL prop betting anywhere? Do you want to bet throughout the game on the fun bets that aren’t available for any other game? The Super Bowl LVII is, in so many ways, the apex night of American sports betting. There’s nothing like the Super Bowl, not March Madness, not the World Series, NBA Finals, Stanley Cup Final, nothing. What makes it so great is that it brings everyone together, just for one night. 

We know how much fun prop betting can be, so we offer the props that you just won’t find anywhere else. 

Halftime Rihanna Betting 

Rihanna, Ri-ri herself is doing the halftime show. This is the kind of halftime performance that people don’t go to the bathroom during, nor do they eat more food at this time. Instead, you can bet on this performance. You can actually make money during Rihanna’s set. 

For starters, what do you think the first song that Rihanna is going to play is? Right now, the best odds come to “Field,” which, of course, is not a Rihanna song, but is any other Rihanna song not mentioned in our list. And we do have an extensive list. 

Don’t Stop the Music is, right now, the most likely. Diamonds and This is What I Came For Are behind it by a pretty significant margin. That said, Umbrella and Stay are on the board, too. The longshots, then, become What’s My Name, We Found Love, Only Girl (in the World), Rude Boy, and Work. 

What do you think is going to happen? How confident are you in Don’t Stop the Music? Rihanna, now that she’s at the part where has a chance to play halftime at the Super Bowl, has an extensive catalog. How do you feel about the song that’s going to start it off? 

NFL Prop Betting: Commercial Betting (Yes, Commercial Betting) 

You might ask: “how do you bet on a commercial?” Well, here at BetNow, one of the most common bets that we offer is being able to bet on when something happens first. That’s how we’re going to do our commercial prop betting, too. 

We all know who many (if not all) of the companies advertising on the Super Bowl are going to be. Thus, it becomes a question of who’s going to run their commercial before someone else. For example, if you go to our site now, you’ll find that one of the longer odds commercial prop bets is between Avocados from Mexico and Hellman’s. 

Which do you think is going to air first? We’ve got Avocados from Mexico and by a pretty substantial margin. That said, you can’t rule Hellman’s out. If you’ve got a good feeling, this could be a chance to make some money. 

Doritos always shows up big at the Super Bowl. We’ve got them in multiple bets this year. Do you think a Doritos ad is going to run before M&Ms? Do you think that a Doritos ad will air before one for Pringles? We’ve got Doritos as a favorite over the M&Ms as well as the Pringles. How do you feel about it? 

We have plenty of bets that continue throughout the game and to the end of the game. However, with these bets, any wagers placed after the information becomes public knowledge will be void. 

Super Bowl Prop Betting at BetNow 

These prop bets are fun, but, of course, they’re far from all that we offer in terms of betting on the Super Bowl. Indeed, you can do all of the same bets that you would for any other game here. The odds, money line, point spread, and so forth – but, as this is the Super Bowl, we also have plenty of “alternative lines,” too. That means you can always find a bet that you want. 

To see everything that we offer, stop by the site. Good luck to you in the Super Bowl!