NFL Gambling Heavily Favoring Seahawks this Saturday

Posted by: Mike Davis
Cardinals vs Seahawks NFL Week 16 Odds

The Seattle Seahawks came into the 2016 NFL gambling season as the sportsbook favorite to win the NFC West and unlike many favorites, the Seahawks actually delivered on what the odds predicted. Heading into Week 16, the Seahawks have already clinched their division title and therefore are a shoo-in for the postseason. With the Cowboys sitting at 12-2, it’s unlikely that the Seahawks will be able to clinch home field advantage throughout the playoffs. However, Seattle can still vie for the 2nd seed – their current ranking. The Atlanta Falcons are currently sitting on the NFC’s 3rd seed with their record of 9-5 and have their eye on that No. 2 spot. With two games left in the season, the Falcons could very well end up wresting the No. 2 seed from the Seahawks.
This upcoming weekend, Seattle must put their best foot forward in order to retain their current ranking.
In Week 16 the Seattle Seahawks will be opening up their home in order to welcome the Arizona Cardinals to Washington to face off at CenturyLink Field. At 5-8-1 the Cardinals are no longer in contention for the playoffs but can still try to stop Seattle from achieving the No. 2 seed. Since the Cardinals and Seahawks are divisional rivals, Arizona will try to capitalize on any chance of spoiling Seattle’s playoff aspirations. This season the Cardinals are 1-5 on the road while the Seahawks are undefeated at home (7-0). With that in mind, let’s see how much the NFL gambling lines are favoring the home team.

NFL Odds – Week 16 – Saturday, December 24th 

Arizona Cardinals +7½ (-115) 43 (-110) +285
Seattle Seahawks -7½ (-105) 43 (-110) -350

The first time these two teams met earlier in the year the contest resulted in a tie. But this time around it seems that the sportsbook odds are predicting a complete blowout. The Cardinals will be coming into this game with a 2-game losing streak. On the other hand, the Seahawks will be coming off their win against the Rams after losing to the Packers the week before. Neither team is coming into this game with a tremendous amount of momentum, but there’s no doubt that the Seahawks are the better team. Still, the Cardinals were able to tie them earlier this year; can they match that feat?

Considering that we’re now in December and teams are starting to find their rhythm it’s hard to imagine the Cardinals actually posing a problem for Seattle. However, anything can happen in the NFL especially when two division rivals face each other. The Cardinals will be coming into this contest with the 9th best passing offense, the 9th best total offense and the 13th highest scoring average. On defense the Cardinals have the 5th best passing defense, 12th best rushing defense, and 4th best total defense. With numbers like that it’s hard to imagine how the Cardinals have sunk to 5-8-1 but this NFL betting weekend the Seahawks will be looking to add another loss to Arizona’s records.