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NFL Football Lines Up Justin Herbert As Interesting Quarterback Prospect

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
NFL Football Lines Up Justin Herbert As Interesting Quarterback Prospect

Justin Herbert was one of the top three quarterbacks during the 2020 NFL Draft, selected sixth overall by the Los Angeles Chargers. It was a not-so-surprising development considering the Chargers needed another quarterback. Philip Rivers opted to move to the Indianapolis Colts, leaving Tyrod Taylor as the lone play-caller. Now, NFL football lines are drawn and Los Angeles is hoping that Herbert blossoms into another Rivers. The former Oregon Duck has four years to do that.

The Chargers gave Hebert a four-year deal worth $26.6 million. The 22-year-old also has a fifth-year option, one that he can exercise if he so chooses. But for now, it is all about getting his feet wet. Though there was no mention of him taking on a starting role, Herbert is likely to play backup to Taylor in the early goings.

NFL Football Lines Brace for Hebert Impact

Justin Herbert was not touted to be among the top three quarterbacks of the recent NFL Draft for nothing. His play in college was a big part of that, particularly his senior year. The 22-year-old threw for 3,471 yards with a 66.8 completion percentage and 32 touchdowns to just six interceptions. However, most will see if he can do the same in the pro ranks. The stakes are higher and play a bit differently. Hence, it may be the reason why Herbert was a bit hesitant, questioning if his style of play will fit the pros.

Though no one can blame him for being cautious, some felt it was a red flag. Some felt that Herbert was lacking in self-confidence although that may not have been his intention. But then again, some players do the same but turn out differently on the field. Herbert gets to show what he has got when the NFL season kicks off. And there is reason to be excited.

Herbert spots an unusual kind of frame for a quarterback. He stands 6-foot-6 and weighs 236 pounds. That is an odd kind of physical feature that could work to his advantage. He is the tallest player to play the quarterback position, something that may work to the Chargers’ advantage.

Also, it would be best to note that Herbert is someone the Chargers hope to develop for the future. And so far, the feedback on the 22-year-old has been promising. Someone who can attest to that is quarterback coach Pep Hamilton. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, both have been in communication. And so far, the coach has had nothing but good words for the former Oregon Duck.

“I haven’t coached a quarterback that just had the natural release and spin on the ball that Justin has since Vinny Testaverde — a tall, linear guy, a long-levered guy who really just has a great release and can make all the throws,” Hamilton said via NBC Sports.

Though the chances of him starting immediately are not expected, the Chargers may just give Herbert that shot. And once he does get that opportunity, the 22-year-old may want to be at his best to shut down detractors who have been doubting him.