NFL Football Betting Lines to Cash in on This Weekend at BetNow

Posted by: Charlie Smith
NFL Football Betting Lines for Week 11

The 2017 NFL football betting season continues this Sunday with a plethora of action to fill your online sports betting needs. Week 11 is up next and with the playoffs in sight bettors will want to keep the biggest contenders in mind. One of the best ways to really get a feel for Super Bowl contenders is by betting on the spread, or by seeing just how dominant one favorite truly is. Let’s scope out some of the easiest or more profitable spread betting options for this weekend’s action.

Detroit Lions vs. Chicago Bears

The 5-4 Detroit Lions look to pick up an NFC North win over the 3-6 Chicago Bears – the worst team in the division. The Bears are coming off a 23-16 loss to the Green Bay Packers, and that was against a backup quarterback. Versus Matt Stafford, football betting websites are surprisingly predicting a less lopsided finish. The Lions are a -150 favorite straight up but will only have to cover a 3 point spread this weekend. There’s no reason to suspect that the Lions won’t cover such a meager spread since they wield the league’s 6th best scoring offense and their 11th ranked run defense won’t have much trouble neutralizing Chicago’s offense.

Kansas City Chiefs vs. New York Giants

Some online sports betting fans might shy away from favoring the Chiefs this NFL football betting weekend. It’s true; the Chiefs have hit a massive slump as of late, losing 3 out of their last 4. But this is still very much the same team that kicked open 2017 by posting a 5 match winning streak. Ultimately, this team is way too talented for this slump to continue in the coming weeks, especially against the Ben McAdoo led Giants.

Expect the Chiefs to bounce back this weekend by covering the 10 ½ point spread prediction. Also, there’s a -104 payout on that line so it’s unquestionably one of the best betting options you could make this weekend.

Los Angeles Rams vs. Minnesota Vikings

Some NFL football betting fans have started to take notice but others still have a blind eye turned to the Los Angeles Rams. For those unaware, the Rams have emerged as the NFL’s No. 1 scoring offense with an average of 32.9 points scored per game. This weekend the Rams will be contending against one of the better defenses in the NFL in Minnesota, which may lead some bettors to believe that Los Angeles might not be able to cover that 2 ½ point spread. But considering the fact that the Rams have outscored their last three opponents by 20 or more, there’s no reason to suspect that LA will fall short of that mark. Yes, the Vikings are a great defensive unit but so are the Rams. And with a backup quarterback under center, how can Minnesota possibly hope to contend against the NFL’s No. 1 scoring offense?

Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Cleveland Browns

The Jaguars are the AFC counterpart of the Carolina Panthers; a team that can be extremely hot but also extremely cold at times. But against the failing Cleveland Browns, there’s no question they’ll be hot. Jacksonville only has to cover an 8 point spread, something they should have no qualms about.