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NFL Draft Bets 2023 and Futures

Happy Draft Day! This is it. The real start of the 2023 NFL Season. Sure, they’ll be minicamps and then training camp and then preseason games, and then kickoff, but in a real way, the season starts with the draft. That’s not just because it’s the first time that fans will be able to see coaches and GMs (more or less) since the end of the season, but because it’s the beginning of the time of hope. This is the time for hope. We hope (see what we did there) that you win big bucks with NFL draft bets 2023 here at BetNow. 

This draft looks stacked at several positions. In this blog, we’ll go over some 2023 NFL bets about who are the best players at each position. You can bet on who’s going to be the first player taken at a given position, who will draft them, and much more. 

NFL Draft Bets 2023: Best Players on Defense

The bet on “first defensive player taken in the draft” looks like it has a pretty clear favorite: Will Anderson Jr. The game wrecking Alabama player looks like a lock to go as high as two or as low as, well, three. But, who’s going to take him? After all, the Arizona Cardinals have done everything short of taking out an ad on Craig’s List to say “we would like to trade this pick.” Do the Cards take the next generational defensive talent? Or does someone else? 

And who’s the best cornerback? A deep draft for the CB position, you could find people arguing that the best is Devon Witherspoon from Illinois or Cristian Gonazlez from Oregon, or even Joey Porter Jr., son of the great linebacker. Which one will go first? 

When it comes to defensive linemen, Jalen Carter, the Georgia great, looks like he’ll be the first to go. But to whom? And where? He would be up in the top 3 picks if not for some real off the field problems as well as some more than underwhelming appearances at the combine and the like. Does he go to the Seahawks? The Bears? Or does someone move up in the draft to get him? 

Brian Branch looks like the best safety in the draft, but where do you draft him? He could go anywhere from the top ten to 31 (ro lower). The position he played, “Star,” only exists in Alabama. But, it’s the position Minkah Fitzpatrick (All-Pro safety for the Pittsburgh Steelers) played, too. Who takes Brian? 

How do you feel about the edge rushers? Myles Murphy looks like a beast, but where does he go? After that, it seems like a bit of a dropoff, to Will McDonald IV, Keion White, and others. 

Nolan Smith, another all-Georgia do everything guy is probably the first linebacker taken. But who takes him and where? So much to think about in terms of defense. 

Best Players on Offense 

Well, we probably know who the first offensive player to go is going to be: Bryan Young, QB, Alabama (and soon, Carolina Panthers). After that…. Richardson? Levis? Stroud? Hooker? What order do they go in? Yesterday, Stroud looked like a sure number two. But now…? 

Receivers, the best two seem to be the kid from TCU and the kid from Ohio State. But… in which order do they go? And to whom? Do the Packers give Jordan Love a new weapon? Do the Steelers give one to Kenny Pickett? Or, does a contender that’s just a receiver away move up for either of them? 

Speaking of receivers moving on up, this might be the best class of tight ends ever. Dalton Kincaid, Michael Mayer, Darnell Washington – each of these guys would have been the top tight end in another, lesser class. Where do they go? 

NFL Draft Bets 2023 and More at BetNow 

The above is just what’s going on with the best players in the first round here at BetNow. We understand that the NFL Draft isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. To that end, you can bet NFL Futures, especially now as you can lock in odds that may change after the draft (or even during camp). Good luck to you in all seasons from your pals at BetNow!