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NFL Divisional Power Rankings: What’s the Best Division in the NFL?

Posted by: Charlie Smith
NFL Divisional Power Rankings

The 2019 online NFL betting season is but a couple months away. One way to prepare for the upcoming action is to size up the toughest divisions in pro football. Doing so will help you make a mental picture of the playoff landscape and allow you to make some lucrative futures betting options. Below we’ll be ranking the 8 divisions in the NFL from toughest to easiest. Take a sportsbook look.

 NFL Divisional Power Rankings

No. 1 | NFC North

The NFC North is without a doubt the toughest division in football. Not only does each team sport a talented quarterback, there are a plethora of cutthroat defenses. An excellent example is the Chicago Bears, who have a yet unproven signal caller in Mitchell Trubisky. However, at the end of the day, Trubisky has a terrific defense behind him to back him up. And if that wasn’t enough to scare the rest of the division, there’s also the Minnesota Vikings defense. But if defense isn’t enough to get you going, you also have to deal with the most dangerous quarterback in the league in Aaron Rodgers.

No. 2 | AFC North

Like the NFC North, the AFC North has an abundance of talented quarterbacks and powerful defenses. Although the Browns may have been the worst team in the NFL for the last decade or so, they are now a team to be feared. They have a tremendous quarterback in Baker Mayfield, who will put up better numbers with OBJ, and are looking better with each game. The Steelers seem weak throughout the season but always end up in the playoffs. There’s no telling how well Baltimore will play next season but their defense is always amongst the hardest hitting in the league. And lastly, the Bengals finally got a new coach and are eager to get a playoff win.

No. 3 | NFC West

Out of the last 6 Super Bowls, 3 teams from the NFC West have represented the NFC. Last year we saw the Los Angeles Rams fail to win the Vince Lombardi Trophy, but there’s no question they’re still one of the best in the league. The Seahawks are without a doubt still a threat to anyone who faces them. Although their defense isn’t quite what it used to be, it seems that their investment into their offense is paying off. Although the Cardinals are coming off a terrible season, they should be competitive as long as David Johnson stays healthy. The 49ers look like they could be dangerous but there’s really no telling how they will turn out. But at the end of the day, the Rams and Seahawks are too strong to put this division anywhere else.

No. 4 | AFC South

Some online NFL betting fans might dispute this ranking. However, it’s clear that the AFC South is getting better and better every season. Not only do all 4 teams have legitimate shots at the playoffs, we see potential AFC Conference contenders in here.

No. 5 | AFC West

Last season we saw one of the toughest fights for the division between the Chargers and Chiefs, with both teams winning 12 games. This season however, it’s difficult to imagine things being so lopsided. The Chiefs and Chargers will still be divisional contenders but we should expect Oakland and Denver to step their game. You could make an argument that this division needs to be higher but for now this seems to be their spot.

No. 6 | NFC East

Like the AFC West, the NFC East seems to be dominated by two teams. Nevertheless, we expect the Eagles to take this one in stride. After all, the Cowboys have so much room to improve on offense. Additionally, Washington is far from competing for the division and New York still has to rebuild and find a new identity.

No. 7 | NFC South

Some might argue that  a division containing two former MVPs deserves to be higher on this list. However, the Chiefs and the Rams were two of the most successful teams last season. Needless to say, they didn’t find their success by having a former MVP under center. Instead, they surrounded their quarterbacks with capable talent. The problem with the South is that they always look like they’re filled with talent. Then, halfway through the season, half of the division is wrestling with a 6-7 record. All in all, the NFC South is far too inconsistent to merit any other spot on this list.

No. 8 | AFC East

Mobile betting fans know this is all too true. After all, the AFC East has but one winner every year and it’s the New England Patriots. Until we see other teams rise up and steal the division from Tom Brady & Co., we’re going to keep the AFC East firmly planted in this position.