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NFL Conference Betting Futures (NFC) Odds & Best Options

Posted by: Anthony Yaylor
NFL Conference Betting Futures (NFC)

The NFL online betting offseason is in full swing but that isn’t stopping bettors from looking ahead at next year’s action. Naturally, the NFL futures betting options are what players are mostly focused on at the current moment. We’ve already taken a look at your best NFL Super Bowl futures betting options so now it’s time to check up on the landscape for conference futures betting.  Here we’ll be taking a look at the odds to win the NFC Championship and which favorites players learning how to bet on sports should consider backing.

Favorites to Win NFC Championship

Los Angeles Rams

It comes as no surprise to see last year’s NFC Champions pegged as the NFL online betting favorite to win the conference once again. All in all the Rams were one of the best teams in the NFC last season. Their dominance is thanks to the newfound strategy sweeping the league that is antithetical to what we’ve seen over the last decade or so. In the early 90s, the best teams in the NFL earned that honor of the back of an elite running back. Afterwards, we saw a prominence in elite quarterback play where teams absolutely needed a talented, big name quarterback leading the charge.

But fast forward to today’s NFL and there’s a new strategy sweeping the league. Instead of investing in a big name quarterback, teams are opting to fill that spot through the draft. Since rookie contracts don’t chew up too much cap space, the Rams (and others) are able to spend money on star defenders or offensive playmakers. This has helped the Rams tremendously and the Chiefs as well, two of the best teams in their respective conference.

So can we count on the Rams picking up where they left off or will they suffer a case of the Super Bowl blues? At the end of the day, this team has too much talent to not be competitive. Jared Goff seems to be getting with every season, Todd Gurley will be back as well as their bulky receiving corps. As long as they’re able to beat out the Seahawks, the Rams are a shoo-in for the playoffs.

New Orleans Saints

Unlike the Rams, the Saints do rely on a big name quarterback to lead their team. And although Brees hasn’t hoisted the Vince Lombardi Trophy in quite some time, he’s still undeniably one of the most accurate quarterbacks in the league. Additionally, the Saints wield arguably the strongest running back an receiver duo with Alvin Kamara and Michael Thomas.

However, there is one thing holding this team back. There’s no telling how strong the Saints defense will be this upcoming season. Last year they were competent as they finished 14th in points allowed, 14th in total defense and 2nd against the run. Nonetheless, they were 29th against the pass – which could end up costing them heavily this season. Additionally, the NFC South is one of the most tumultuous divisions in the league. Year after year, the team that found success the previous season generally falls in a slump.

Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles are getting some favoritism from the NFL online betting odds but some fans might disagree. After all, they didn’t have the most dominant season last year. And although they made it to the Divisional round, their journey was far from pretty. But more importantly, how the team will fare with Wentz is still up in the air. Last season saw Wentz miss the first couple games of the year due to injury. Once he returned, the Eagles posted a 5-6 record with him as the starter. Albeit, his numbers were pretty impressive as he finished with 3,074 passing yards, 21 touchdowns and just 7 interceptions.

Although their defense excelled against the run, ranking 7th in the league in that department, they were pretty crappy against the pass. In fact, the Eagles ranked 30th against the pass and 23rd in total defense. Additionally, their running game struggled as it finished 28th in the NFL. This leads us to believe that the Eagles will have to rely heavily on quarterback play to find success. All things considered, there’s too many unknowns to consider backing Philly legitimately at this time.

Chicago Bears

It seems that every year there’s one team from the NFC North pegged as a Super Bowl favorite. Last time it was the Minnesota Vikings who had recently acquired Kirk Cousins (we all saw how that turned out). Before that it was the Green Bay Packers, who were perennial favorites thanks to Aaron Rodgers.

Although the Bears have one of the best defenses in the league, their offense still has a lot to prove. Points wise they were pretty dominant as they finished 9th in points per game. In other departments however, they weren’t as elite, finishing 21st in total offense, 21st in passing and 11th in rushing.

Not only that, the NFC North is shaping up to be one of the toughest divisions in pro football. Aaron Rodgers can never be taken lightly and with a new coach we could be seeing much better football out of Green Bay. Additionally, the Vikings have had enough time to work out some of their kinks and should be much more consistent in 2019. Lastly, the Lions have Matt Stafford which is about the biggest Wild Card you could have. This isn’t the strongest option available for legal betting fans.

Odds to Win NFC Championship
Team Odds
Los Angeles Rams +365
New Orleans Saints +410
Philadelphia Eagles +660
Chicago Bears +700
Green Bay Packers +1025
Dallas Cowboys +1050
Minnesota Vikings +1150
San Francisco 49ers +1250
Seattle Seahawks +1400
Atlanta Falcons +1450
Carolina Panthers +2500
New York Giants +3000
Tampa Bay Buccaneers +3000
Detroit Lions +3300
Washington Redskins +4050
Arizona Cardinals +5000