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NFL Betting Projections for the Eagles

With Coach Doug Pederson on the job, the Philly Eagles are a team that could be on the on their way of a winning season. Although NFL betting experts consider that within the NFC East the Eagles might be destined to another season of disappointment. The Eagles are in that nebulous gray area of being potentially great and potentially awful, as we get closer to the start of the season, it seems like th coin is still in the air and it could go either way with this team.

For the Eagles, thing went off to a rocky start. Starting QB Sam Bradford had a tantrum of sorts that caught the eye of major sports media outlets, over his position on the roster and he first round draft pick of Carson Wentz joining the team. While Pederson and the Eagles management were able to defuse the situation rather quickly, there is a lot of questions regarding on how will Bradford respond in the first few games of the season. Fans that bet on NFL games will be cautious before jumping on the Eagles bandwagon.

The odds for the Eagles in the NFC East hold them as the underdogs to win the division.

Dallas Cowboys +180
New York Giants +250
Philadelphia Eagles +425
Washington Redskins +280

These NFL betting odds might seem attractive to those with a rigorous mathematical approach to betting, as sites like PFF have ranked the current Eagles roster in the top five in the entire league. So who do you believe here? Well, one tjing is for sure, the Eagles have a talented group of players and so far the offseason, minus that Bradford revolt, has been good to them. The Eagles could have smooth sailing all the way to the Preseason games, and that will definitely provide with a good enough atmosphere for the team to gel. It will then all fall on Pederson to see what type of a coach he will make.

The Eagles are building a team that can be strong on both ends. Their offense will see some changes this season, but for the moment they are relying on Bradford to have a strong start, while rookie Carson Wentz gets settled and adapts to the NFL. During the OTAs reports from the Eagles camp have said that the defensive unit appears to be motivated and developing a strong bond. With DT Fletcher Cox, in particular, being an active participant on the drills, the atmosphere surrounding the Eagles camp ‘feels’ like a winning team.

However, when the competition begins, the Eagles will need to deliver on all ends. Talented wise they could put on a show and upset the odds on their division escalating to the second place. A wild card spot might not seem so far fetched for them, but it might prove to be a lofty goal at this time. With the Cowboys having a potentially strong, Super Bowl caliber team on their hands, the Eagles might look back into this season as a ‘rebuilding year’ as they definitely have a bright future ahead of them. The Eagles will be a smart pick for NFL betting fans this season.