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NFL Betting Preview for the 2016 Bengals

The Cincinnati Bengals are regarded all over the NFL betting world as a team with lots of promise and small return. Since 1988 the Bengals have been trying to return to the Super Bowl and a shot of winning the Vince Lombardi trophy. In the previous seasons the Bengals have been building a team that could step up and become present in the AFC post season and perhaps pull a deep run. The 2015 season saw them reach the Wild Card game versus the Steelers, and unfortunate penalties late in the game cost cut their season short. Now, as the season draws closer, the Bengals are determined to outdo their past season and finally reach for a stronger presence in the Playoffs and even gun for the AFC Championship game.

The Bengals will have to get out of the AFC North, there they will have to contest with the Steelers who in their own right are also strong contenders for the AFC title. The odds favor Pittsburg to win the division, if you bet on NFL this season, picking the Bengals to top them might appear as a risky wager, but one that could pay out great.

Baltimore Ravens +290
Cincinnati Bengals +195
Cleveland Browns +3150
Pittsburgh Steelers +145

The problem with the Bengals, is that NFL betting fans can (and shouldn’t) overlook the fact that since 2009 (with the exception of 2010) the Bengals reach the Wild Card game every time and they keep on losing. 6 consecutive Wild Card games lost. That creates an aura that weighs heavy over their head, and especially over Coach Marvin Lewis’ head. It appears as though the Bengals are unable to get it done. And this year in particular the pressure will be on for him as the Bengals are counting for breaking the Wild Card Barrier once and for all. If he doesn’t he might be out of a job by the end of the season.

The issue here is that the Bengals have the talent to achieve greatness, and in many NFL betting fans’ eyes they are long overdue. Andy Dalton has consistently demonstrated that he is a star, and his performance last season can only hint of a much greater season this year. WR A.J. Green will play a big part in helping Dalton have a great season as he is expected to blow up and provide perhaps up to 15 touchdowns this season, while RB Jeremy Hill is also expected to bust out and probably rushing for more than 1000 yards this season.

NFL Betting experts still regard the Bengals offense as good enough for a deep post season run. Their defense will need to rise to their occasion, and according to early analysis by some media pundits, the Bengals could very well have their best version in recent history. The Super bowl might be a very lofty goal, but at the very least, it shouldn’t come to a surprise to anybody if they manage to reach the AFC Championship game.