NFL Betting Predicting A Close Game this Monday Night

Posted by: Charlie Smith
Monday Night Football Week 13 Jets vs Colts odds and Analysis

Oftentimes as we near the end of the online NFL betting season, the competition to win a division intensifies. Less games means fewer chances to regain ground in the playoff race and because of this the window of opportunity gets smaller and smaller. But unlike most other divisions in the NFL, the AFC South is wide open for anyone – except for the 2-9 Jaguars – to make a move and take hold of the division.

As things stand now the 6-5 Houston Texans are tied atop the South with the 6-6 Tennessee Titans. Behind them are the Indianapolis Colts who have struggled to earn their 5-6 record. As football betting sportsbook fans can see, with a handful of games left in the season, either one of those three teams could end up winning the AFC South.
Despite a season filled with peaks and valleys, the Indianapolis Colts still have a legitimate chance of making the postseason.

Granted, they’ll need a win in Week 13 against the New York Jets. Let’s see what the football betting lines have to say about this Monday night matchup.

NFL Odds – Week 13 – Monday, December 5th 

New York Jets +1½ (-110) 48½ (-117)
Indianapolis Colts -1½ (-110) 48½ (-103)

It would appear that the online NFL betting odds are favoring the Colts, but are predicting an extremely close contest. Which is a tad bit surprising considering that New York will be coming into this contest with a 3-8 record. Unlike Indianapolis, the Jets are no longer in the playoff race. After going 10-6 in 2015 New York was hoping 2016 would end with a playoff finish, but it’s clear that will not be the case.

The Colts will be coming into this contest trying to advance their playoff chances but the Jets will be focused on something else entirely; remembering a cherished athlete. Thursday afternoon, Joe McKnight, former USC Trojan and New York Jets’ running back, was shot to death in an apparent road rage incident in New Orleans. McKnight was released by the Jets in 2013 and many of his former teammates are still with the Jets.

Looking over both these teams’ statistics, it’s hard to determine who will have the upper hand on Monday, mostly because of how lusterless each team looks. The Jets have a mediocre offense, and the best aspect of it is their 12th ranked rushing unit. Defensively, the Jets are 4th against the run, but 22nd against the pass, which won’t fare well against Andrew Luck. The Colts have the 11th best passing offense, but 25th worst rushing offense. Defensively the Colts are pitiful; they’re 31st in passing and 23rd against the run. With such little variance in their mediocrity, it’s easy to understand why the online NFL betting odds are so close.