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NFL Betting Playoff Favorites

As the world closed the door on June, BetNow sportsbook opened the door on NFL betting by releasing the odds for every NFL teams’ chance to make the 2017 playoffs. Naturally, online sportsbook users are going to breakdown and analyze the odds in an effort to find the best, or safest, wager. Here’s a jumpstart to that analysis.

The favorites include the usual lineup; Green Bay, Seattle, and New England are all starting at -500. Green Bay should be an obvious pick here. Aaron Rodgers is arguably the best player in the NFL, at the most important position. Last year Rodgers posted a 31:8 touchdown-to-interception ratio and was able to lead his team to a playoff victory in what many considered a disappointing season. With Rodgers star receiver returning this season, the Packers road to the playoffs looks easier than ever.

The New England Patriots will be Brady-less as they open the season. The Patriots will face off against the Cardinals, Dolphins, Texans, and Bills without Brady. If fans of NFL betting take that to be any indication of the Patriots’ chances to miss the playoffs then they can take the +350 bet for them to miss the playoffs.

The Super Bowl runner-up Panthers are runner-up favorites coming in at -450 odds to make the playoffs next season. Coming off a near perfect regular season you can expect the reigning MVP to take his team to the playoffs once more.

While some NFL betting enthusiasts might like to wager on the favorites others prefer to gamble on value picks. Having to wager less up front is definitely a good thing, and if you know what to look for you can certainly find some value picks.

The Cardinals are just that sitting at -200 odds to make the playoffs. Although they’ll have to fight Seattle to clinch their division, the Cardinals will still be a serious contender for a Wild Card Berth.

The Dolphins have brought on new personnel on both sides of the ball. The Dolphins were mediocre last year, but the talent was there. Hopefully with the implementation of new coaching the Dolphins will be a serious playoff contender. Miami is currently sitting at +225 odds and after finishing dead last in the AFC East the Dolphins have drawn the easiest schedule within their division.

If you prefer to wager on the underdog then the San Francisco 49ers would be your team. San Francisco has brought along Chip Kelly as their new head coach, and after Kelly’s performance in Philadelphia you can understand why the 49ers odds are at their nadir. The 49ers are listed at +750 to make the playoffs and a staggering -1500 to miss them.

Below fans of NFL betting can find the rest of the league’s playoff chances. (Yes/No)
AFC East (Y/N)                                               NFC East (Y/N)

Buffalo Bills +200/-260                           Dallas Cowboys -140/+110
Miami Dolphins +225/-285                     New York Giants EVEN/-130
New England Patriots -500/+350          Philadelphia Eagles +215/-275
New York Jets +200/-260                      Washington Redskins +160/-200
AFC North                                                               NFC North

Baltimore Ravens +125/-155                  Chicago Bears +275/-350
Cincinnati Bengals -165/+135                Detroit Lions +275/-350
Cleveland Browns +600/-1000             Green Bay Packers -500/+350
Pittsburgh Steelers -300/+240             Minnesota Vikings -200/+160
AFC South                                                                 NFC South

Houston Texans -135/+105                          Atlanta Falcons +195/-250
Indianapolis Colts -165/+135                      Carolina Panthers -450/+325
Jacksonville Jaguars +175/-215                  New Orleans Saints +200/-260
Tennessee Titans +400/-600                     Tampa Bay Buccaneers +300/-400
AFC West                                                                NFC West

Denver Broncos -150/+110                         Arizona Cardinals -200/+160
Kansas City Chiefs -150/+120                    Los Angeles Rams +300/-400
Oakland Raiders +110/-140                       San Francisco 49ers +750/-1000
San Diego Chargers +350/-500                Seattle Seahawks -500/+350