NFL betting: NFC East Showdown Could Save SNF

Posted by: Anthony Yaylor
Philadelphia Eagles vs. Dallas Cowboys NFL Week 8 Betting Odds and Predictions

This past weekend, the online NFL betting community was treated to one of the wackiest displays of professional football that we’ve seen in a while. Specifically, the Sunday Night Football game was arguably one of the most uneventful, boring contests that we’ve been treated to since longer than fans can remember. It’s not often that we get to witness an NFL game finish in a tie. One would imagine that witnessing such an infrequent event one would be grossly entertaining, but the way these two teams finished their Sunday Night game was more frustrating than anything. After regulation, both teams, the Arizona Cardinals and the Seattle Seahawks, were tied at 3-3. In overtime the Cardinals would drive down the field on their opening drive and score a field goal. Thanks to the NFL’s overtime rules, the game did not end on that field goal, and Seattle would get a chance to win the game. Unfortunately, the Seahawks failed to score a touchdown and instead settled for a field goal, extending what had already been a grueling contest. The Cardinals then marched down the field and had a perfect opportunity to seal the deal by kicking a 24-yard field goal. But the kick was botched, and Pete Carroll could be seen celebrating on the sideline. But Carroll’s elation would be in vain, because 8 plays later, the Seahawks would miss their on 28-yard field goal, ending Sunday Night’s contest in a tie.

Congratulations are in order for anyone who managed to watch the entire length of that game. Last week’s Sunday night contest is a shining example of why the NFL’s ratings are down; it’s just not entertaining. No one truly wants to sit there and watch professional football teams compete at a high school level, so people simply aren’t tuning in. In Week 8, it’ll be up to the Eagles and the Cowboys to provide a thrilling contest, in hopes of saving the flailing NFL. What kind of matchup are most football betting sites predicting?

Week 8 – Sunday, October 30th 2016 

Philadelphia Eagles +4 (-105) 43 ½ (-105)
Dallas Cowboys -4 (-115) 43 ½ (-115)

The online NFL betting odds think the Cowboys are the better team, but is that really the case? At the end of the day, the Cowboys have the better record, but Philadelphia is coming off a win against the best team in the NFC. This past weekend, amidst a flurry of turnovers, the Eagles managed to defeat the Vikings 21-10. In their game against Minnesota, the Eagles won because they were able to get an early head start. If Carson Wentz can get it done against the Vikings – who have one of the best defenses in the NFL, there’s no reason he shouldn’t be able to get it done this Sunday.

Just like the Eagles, the Cowboys are coming off a win of their own, albeit, it was back in Week 6. In Week 7 the Cowboys enjoyed a Bye Week. But we’ve seen NFC East teams struggle after their Bye. More specifically, the Eagles lost two consecutive games after their Week 4 Bye. Will the Cowboys fall to a similar fate? The online NFL betting odds are convinced they won’t, but Philadelphia has already beaten some of the NFL’s best. Another upset wouldn’t be a big deal for the Birds.