NFL Betting Finally Starting to Show Oakland Some Love

Posted by: Mike Davis
Oakland Raiders vs. San Diego Chargers NFL Week 5 Odds

Most sportsbooks are still reeling from this past weekend’s online NFL betting action, and how could they not? After all, this past weekend delivered more upsets than one can readily digest. There must have been something in the air this last Sunday, because it is hard to wrap your head around how unpredictable Week 4 proved to be. The Jags upset the Colts in London, the Bills shut out the Pats in New England, the Falcons flew high over the Panthers, the Raiders beat the Ravens in Baltimore, the Rams upset the Cardinals to keep their lead in the West, and the Saints got their first win of the season over the Chargers. All of these contests were equally entertaining and surprising, but the most striking was the game between the Oakland Raiders and the Baltimore Ravens. Both the Ravens and Raiders had been making headlines so far in 2016, but for two different reasons. The Ravens for bouncing back so quickly after being injury-ridden in 2015, while the Raiders were making headlines for winning games despite having one of the worst defenses in the league. Well this past Sunday that same defense proved capable of making plays late in the game, and actually kept Joe Flacco and the Ravens offense from entering field goal range, thus winning the game for Oakland. But despite the valiant effort, Oakland’s defense still ranks near the bottom of league, but at least football betting sites are painting the Raiders as the favorite in their next matchup.

Week 5 – Sunday the 9th of October

Raiders -4½ (-110) 51 (-115) -213
Chargers +4½ (-110) 51 (-105) +179

The online NFL betting odds are finally starting to show a little love to Oakland. Coming into this game the Raiders are sitting on a 3-1 record, which becomes even more impressive when you start to look over their numbers on defense. The Raiders have the worst overall defense, the worst passing defense, and the 31st worst run defense in the league. Yet still Oakland has found a way to win their ballgames. The fact that Oakland can win their games despite giving up so much yardage is befuddling; just look at this past weekend’s game against Baltimore. The Ravens would finish Sunday’s game with 412 total yards on offense, 25 first downs, and 35 minutes time-of-possession. The Raiders would only get 261 yards and 13 first downs, but ended up on top 28-27 when it was all over. Oakland let Baltimore move up and down the field but kept them out of the end zone when it mattered, and at the end of the day that’s all you need.

San Diego will be coming into this Sunday’s contest on a 2-loss streak. Last week the Colts beat the Chargers 26-22 and as aforementioned, New Orleans got their first win of 2016 against San Diego this past Sunday. Coming into this game the Chargers are 1-3 and are quickly losing ground in the West. The Raiders could use the divisional win and you can bet they’ll be looking to play their best football this Sunday. Oakland delivered an impressive online NFL betting upset against Baltimore this past weekend, and they’ll do their best to make sure they’re not on the receiving end of the upset this time.