NFL 2022-23 Offseason Standout Players List

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
NFL 2022-23 Offseason Standout Players List

NFL 2022-23 Offseason Standout – The 2022-23 regular season will kick off in a couple of months and teams will soon get to their preseason games.  The first NFL preseason game will take place between the Las Vegas Raiders and the Jacksonville Jaguars on 5th August. The second game will be between the Patriots and the Giants and Week 1 will open with a game between the Los Angeles Rams and the Buffalo Bills. The NFL season schedule is ready and teams will soon begin their practice sessions.

NFL 2022-23 Offseason Standout Players

The NFL offseason has always been interesting as teams get to judge their players based on their performance and make necessary changes if required. The AFC East Division looks promising with some promising players under each team. Here are some of the off-season standout players for the 2022-23 NFL season. Expect these players to top their performance in their offseason as experts predict them to be top prospects.

Jamison Crowder (Buffalo Bills)

Wide Receiver Jamison Crowder has already recorded 833 receiving yards. Crowder looks strong in his first offseason with Buffalo and he seems a perfect fit. However, Isaiah McKenzie is a tough competition for Crowder. Both players have great talent on the field and are sure to gain some attention at their training camp.

Tre Nixon (New England Patriots)

Wide Receiver Tre Nixon was the 2021 seventh-round pick and he seems to be keeping up to his name. Nixon is one of those standout players in the preseason, but the competition is certainly tough. Competing with DeVante Parker, Nelson Agholor, Jakobi Meyers, and Kendrick Bourne is not going to be easy. On the other hand, Tyquan Thornton was the second-round pick in 2022.

Jeff Smith (New York Jets)

Jeff Smith has been the other notable player on the Wide Receiver wing for the New York Jets. Everyone remembers him for his one-hand TD catch by Zach Wilson. Smith recorded 26 catches in his career and he seems to be one of the best decisions for the Jest. Smith has been a good coordinator with his team and is one player to watch out for.

Connor Heyward (Pittsburgh Steelers)

The Pittsburgh Steelers have Connor Heyward as their Tight End and he is expected to be a standout player this offseason. Heyward was selected in the sixth round and he has been working his way alongside receivers. Heyward might land a spot on the 2022 team if he continues to keep at his best for the Steelers.

Parris Campbell (Indianapolis Colts)

Parris Campbell is yet another promising Wide Receiver for the Indianapolis Colts. Campbell was drafted back in 2019 and has played 15 games in his first three seasons. The Colts can use Campbell in several ways for the upcoming season. Indianapolis will need a few changes to their squad this season and Campbell can be a top prospect.

The NFL betting picks 2022 will be available in a couple of months as each team enters its first week of NFL action. Until then, the NFL preseason is sure to keep its fans occupied. As for the offseason standout players, they are sure to keep the ball rolling at their practice sessions and preseason games.