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NFL 2021 Mock Draft: San Francisco 49ers trade with Miami Dolphins

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
NFL 2021 Mock Draft San Francisco 49ers Trade with Miami Dolphins

It’s more than a month that the NFL season has concluded and teams are now making changes for their upcoming year. The nfl betting 2021 had its first Mock Draft and several teams have made their choices to pick some of the top players. The four-round mock draft witnessed the San Francisco 49ers made an interesting move. Some of the other teams are yet to make their selection while some have already taken their step forward.

San Francisco’s Trade with Miami

San Francisco 49ers jumped at the opportunity as they managed to pull off a big trade with the Miami Dolphins. It turns out that the 49ers are keen on securing their future quarterback. Trey Lance is expected to be one of their top candidates on the list. Miami Dolphins traded their 12th pick and the first-rounder for 2022. The San Francisco 49ers secured a decent deal with Miami as they rose to the third overall pick from the No. 12 spot.

Head coach Kyle Shanahan stated that Jimmy Garoppolo will remain on the squad for now, but their options are open for other players. The other option for the San Francisco 49ers is Justin Fields from Ohio State. However, nothing has been confirmed yet except for their third overall deal with Miami. Rumors state that Lance will have a better shot than Fields since he will fit well for the 49ers squad.

Atlanta Falcons Replacement for Matt Ryan

The Atlanta Falcons are also out on the market for a possible quarterback trade. Matt Ryan has come a long way for the Falcons, but they might just replace him for another option. The Falcons might jump at the best opportunity that comes their way. The Falcons are also rumored to take a shot at Kyle Pitts from the Florida Gators. Pitts could turn out to be NFL’s highest-drafted player this year. The Tight End has already proved his worth and is all set to take a step forward in his career.

The Broncos Free Agents

Ronald Darby and Kyle Fuller were brought as free agents as the Broncos look forward to taking possible steps with these veteran cornerbacks. A statement was made by the Broncos GM stating that he’s not yet ruling out another quarterback to compete with Drew Lock. The Broncos will try to take an extra leap with some of the possible trades.

The Eagles and Chargers Option

Philadelphia Eagles have an option of picking one of Alabama’s receivers and Jaycee Horn is expected to be one of those candidates. Horn has the speed, size, and right attitude for the Eagles. Moving onto the Chargers, they seem to have their eyes on DeVonta Smith. The wide receiver will make a good fit for the Chargers with his quick and tight performance. The best football bookmaker is bound to be with full excitement as these teams make possible trades for the upcoming year.