NFC West Predictions 2022: Division Winner Odds, Best Bet

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
NFC West Predictions 2022

How do you feel about what might be the game’s most enigmatic division? How do you see the NFC West going in this coming season? There are fascinating divisions in football and then there’s the NFC West. The NFC West is unlike any other division. Why? Well, for starters, it has the defending Super Bowl champion. However, it also has the team they beat to get to the Super Bowl, an in-division rival. But, that rival doesn’t have that same quarterback anymore. Here at BetNow, we’ve got NFC West Predictions 2022 and Division Winner Odds, Best Bet, and more. 

Best Bet: Seahawks Fall to Earth

It’s hard to see the Seahawks as having a great season right now. Yes, anything can happen, any given Sunday, and so forth. However, it’s also possible that, by the time you read this, you have been asked to at least come in and compete as the Seahawks quarterback. Why? Because as of this writing, they’re going into the season with Geno Smith and Drew Lock. 

Now, it’s not to denigrate either of those men. They’re capable, component quarterbacks who have won games in this league. And, yes, they can absolutely throw the ball to DK Metcalf and Lockett. However, in this division, it really probably won’t be enough. How many division wins do you see them having this season? 

Exactly. It’s hard to see them as better than 2-4 in the division, if not worse (and even then, you might be betting a lot on the “12th Man” in Seattle to get that high). Plus, their schedule is actually tougher than you might realize. 

They also have to go against the AFC West. You know, the division with the team that’s been in the last so many AFC title games as well as the two other teams on the rise (LAC and the Raiders) as well as, you know, the team they traded their future hall of fame quarterback to. And oh yes, Tom and the Bucs play the Seahawks, too. If you want a bet, bet the under on the Hawks (especially if they’re at like, six). 

Division Winner: Only One Pick (Right Now) 

We’re going to go with the Rams. This isn’t an easy decision. The Los Angeles Rams might be a bit weaker than they were when the confetti came down. Plus, it’s very easy for the champion teams to have a hangover. But, they still have more on the field than the rest of the teams (that we know right now). 

Why all of the qualifiers? Because if Trey Lance can be as good as the Niners hope, if he can be a step up from how Jimmy G played last season, then the Niners could win the division. Jimmy G had his moments, no doubt – the man knows how to win football games. But, it’s rare that he can carry a team on his back (nor has he had to often with the Niners). 

Lance, of course, has all of the talent in the world. Now, he’ll be stepping into the position of taking this team to the next level. There’s not going to be a lot of room for error here. Yes, he should absolutely improve as the season goes on, but this division can be brutal. 

The Cards also can’t be ruled out. The losers of the first ever (and hopefully last) Monday night playoff game in NFL history, the Cards are the very definition of a team that’s “on the rise.” The question becomes: how much higher can they go? Is Murray enough to be able to lead this team to glory? 

Beyond NFC West Predictions 2022: Division Winner Odds, Best Bet 

That’s just our feelings on the NFC West. We’ve got it: Rams, Cards, Niners, and Seahawks (with a heavy asterisk next to “Trey Lance.”) Of course, that’s just how we’ve got it today. If you believe the same (or you think that’s profoundly wrong) BetNow’s got you covered. At our site, you can bet football how you want, so that you can make the big bucks. Check it all out at our site and good luck to you this season.