NFC North Predictions 2022, Best Bet, and More

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
NFC North Predictions 2022, Best Bet, and More

Are you ready to bet on an iconic NFL division (that also includes the Lions?) Then you’re ready to bet on the NFC North. The North may be a bit more interesting than it has been in past years. For a long time, the NFC North was “the Packers and some other teams that might trip the Packers up on the Packers’ inevitable run to the division crown.” That may not be the case this year. As ever, you can find our NFC North predictions 2022, best bet, and more right here for BetNow. 

NFC North Predictions 2022: The Contenders 

Of course, the Packers are probably still the best team in the division. They brought back Aaron Rodgers, for one. One of the best players in the NFL, he very well could carry the Packers by himself to the division crown. The difference is, this year, he may have to. Why? Well, for one, his best receiver has gone to Las Vegas. Sammy Watkins, Randall Cobb, and guys that you may or may not have heard of are going to have to pick up the slack. 

What gives the Green Bay Packers a better chance than you might think is that this defense is one of the better ones that Rodgers has had since he came to the Pack. It really is better. That might be enough to win the division through a tough D and Rodgers putting on a show. 

The other contender, the team that has the best chance to knock them off (at least, as of right now) is the Vikings. Yes, the Vikings. Kirk Cousins, Dalvin Cook, Justin Jefferson, Adam Thielen, and others make for a truly great offense, the kind that should run up and down the field. 

Speaking of “running up and down the field,” that’s what people should do to their defense, too. While they do get a lot of sacks (second only to the Steelers last year) if they don’t get to the quarterback, they probably give up a good play. The truth is that this defense isn’t a whole lot better. So, unless that changes, they’re unlikely to be able to take that next step to be able to take down the Pack. 

The Maybes 

The rest of the division is more intriguing than it has been in recent years. Yes, the Lions almost assuredly aren’t going to the playoffs. No, they’re unlikely to be very good. But, what you can say for the Lions that you haven’t been able to say for a few years is that they really do have an impressive collection of young talent. That talent alone may not be enough to win games yet, but it very well could be good enough to keep them in plenty of them. That, along with Goff’s wily veteran skills, could make the Lions a sneaky-good team to bet on sometimes. 

In a way, you can say similar things about the Bears. No, the Bears still aren’t very good right now. But, with Justin Fields, if he comes along (particularly more so than he has already) then he could get them into some games that they might not be otherwise. Their defense is still pretty bad (no “Monsters of the Midway” here, unless you’re referring to the other team’s offense being a monster on the field) but if Fields comes along, he could be tough for other teams to stop. Sometimes last year, he looked great (the second half against Pittsburgh) and a lot of other times, he didn’t. Where do you think he’ll be this year? 

More Than the NFC North 

If you’ve got a bet on the NFC North, now is the time to get it in. Say, for example, that you believe, you just know in your heart, that Fields and the Bears are going to do some real damage this year. Maybe you think they’ll win the NFC North. Bet it now. Don’t wait. Don’t wait for the season to start. By then, you may not get the same odds. Today, you can get some great ones. 

Of course, you can bet on football and so much more at BetNow. Good luck to you this season!