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New York’s Erroneous Football Decisions

After being on the receiving end of an online NFL betting upset, the New England Patriots didn’t hesitate to get right back on track this past weekend when they overcame the San Francisco 49ers 30-17. It would’ve been hard to imagine the Patriots losing two in a row – especially since they were facing San Francisco, and sure enough New England didn’t disappoint their fans. At 8-2, the Patriots find themselves in a familiar place; closing in on clinching home field advantage throughout the playoffs. Longtime gambling fans know that there’s an unwritten rule when betting on football games; never bet against Brady in Foxborough. If the Patriots are able to clinch home field advantage throughout the playoffs, they should be an easy pick to make it all the way to the Super Bowl, given their track record.

But in order for New England to clinch home field advantage in the postseason, they’ve got to beat the majority of teams left on their schedule. Even though they won’t be facing the toughest opposition, the Patriots will still have to bring their best football, lest another team comes in and snags the No. 1 seed for the playoffs. Next up for New England is an AFC East rival, the New York Jets. Let’s see how much the football betting lines are favoring the Patriots in their Week 12 contest against the Jets.

NFL Odds – Week 12 – Sunday, November 27th

New England Patriots -7½ (-110) 47 (-110)
New York Jets +7½ (-110) 47 (-110)

The online NFL betting odds are painting the Patriots as the 7 ½-point favorite against New York and it comes as no surprise. Ever since Tom Brady came back the New England Patriots have been one of the most dangerous football teams in the NFL. Their dominance has mostly been outshined by the impressive play the Dallas Cowboys have been enjoying from their two rookies. Sure the Cowboys’ impressive success was completely unexpected, but fans shouldn’t dismiss the Patriots that quickly. Because, all things considered, the Jets won’t have much of a chance this Sunday.

The biggest difference between the Jets and the Patriots lies in their offense. Few people can compare to Tom Brady and Ryan Fitzpatrick is not one of them. The difference between these two is innumerable but can best be summed up by comparing their careers; Fitzpatrick is an aging veteran who is starting to become despised by the Jets’ fan base while Brady is a 4-time Super Bowl winning quarterback and is loved all across Boston. Brady might be aging as well, but not a single online NFL betting fan has wondered about whether he should be getting benched or not. On the other hand, the majority of online NFL betting fans feel that Fitzpatrick should be getting benched and that Bryce Petty should be getting the starts. Petty is the future of the Jets organization and the fact that they are starting Fitzpatrick, who might make the team better in the short run, shows how nearsighted the Jets are. For all practical purposes New York is all but out of the playoffs, they should be focusing on player development not snagging a few more wins.