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New York Giants vs New York Jets 11/10/2019 Spread, Picks and Game Analysis

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
New York Giants vs New York Jets 11-10-2019 Spread Picks and Game Analysis

New York Giants vs New York Jets 11/10/2019 – The New York Giants (2-7) will measure the skills of the New York Jets (1-7). Since they’re both at the bottom of the scrap heap, online betting sites have initially given them equal chances of winning. Games like this one are still exciting despite the lack of a championship opportunity for either team.

New York Giants vs New York Jets 11/10/2019

When: Sunday, November 10, 1:00 PM ET
Where: MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford, New Jersey
Stream: NFL Live Stream

New York Giants vs New York Jets 11/10/2019

Giants +1.5 (-110) 42 o (-110) +110
Jets -1.5 (-110) 42 u (-110) -135
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New York Giants

The Giants are no stranger to disappointment this season. They just came from a loss versus the Dallas Cowboys with a 37-18 endgame score. The players still tried to make the most of a lost cause, however. QB Daniel Jones contributed 26/41 and 210 air yards. He also notched in a thrown TD and a pick. Daniel Jones didn’t get a running TD, but he still covered 54 yards via 6 carries. Saquon Barkley led the receivers circle with 6 catches pegged at 67 yards. 

The New York Giants slid further down the rankings, but at least they’re starting to change their game. The Giants rushed 22 times out of 68 plays, which means that they mixed up their offense. They also tried to defend against both catches and rushes, but couldn’t do well on rush defense. They gained a total of 271 yards, but had to concede an unbalanced 429 yards and 2 forced turnovers. This is highly indicative of a failed defense attempt that cost them the game.

The Giants need to look at their record, their plays, and decide how to attack the next season. While it’s a lost season already for the team, they can definitely do better in the future.

Players to watch:

D. Jones QB 7 GP 135 CMP 216 ATT 62.5 CMP% 1466 YDS 6.8 AVG 228.6 YDS/G 75 LNG 10 TD 7 INT 21 SACK 158 SYL 55.2 QBR 84.4 RTG;  S. Barkley RB 5 GP 74 ATT 373 YDS 5 AVG 59 LNG 3 BIG 2 TDS 74.6 YDS/G 0 FUM 0 LST 17 FD ; D. Jones QB 7 GP 23 ATT 134 YDS 5.8 AVG 16 LNG 0 BIG 2 TDS 19.1 YDS/G 1 FUM 1 LST 11 FD   ; E. Engram TE 7 GP 38 REC 60 TGTS 419 YDS 11 AVG 3 TD 75 LNG 4 BIG 59.9 YDS/G 0 FUM 0 LST 235 YAC 20 FD ; G. Tate WR 4 GP 23 REC 36 TGTS 280 YDS 12.2 AVG 1 TD 64 LNG 2 BIG 70 YDS/G 0 FUM 0 LST 135 YAC 13 FD

New York Jets

The Jets faced the Miami Dolphins and actually lost 26-18. It’s a surprising outcome in a battle of the cellar-dwellers. QB Sam Darnold still played in good form, pumping in 27/39 with 260 passing yards. He also threw in 1 TD and 1 interception. Le’Veon Bell did 17 carries that added 66 yards in yardage gained. He was unable to execute a running TD. Jamison Crowder was the receivers’ leader, catching the ball 8 times and further extending the Jets’ territory for 83 yards.

The Jets didn’t do well in both offense and defense. They only had 17 first-downs and a whopping 10 infractions, which cost them 105 yards. Their 62 plays totaled 321 yards as opposed to the opponents’ 316 yards. They were outclassed in the conversion of yards into points, as evidenced by their opponents’ numerous 24 run attempts allowed, and a 67% completion rate on throws.

Historically, the Jets have decent point production. However, they have been surpassed by other teams that focused largely on rush tactics. The Jets need to adjust their game plan to counter such teams if they still want their mixed offense tactic to be relevant.

Players to watch:

S. Darnold QB 4 GP 83 CMP 135 ATT 61.5 CMP% 817 YDS 6.1 AVG 204 YDS/G 92 LNG 5 TD 8 INT 15 SACK 96 SYL 23.5 QBR 66.2 RTG;  L. Bell RB 7 GP 108 ATT 349 YDS 3.2 AVG 19 LNG 0 BIG 1 TDS 49.9 YDS/G 0 FUM 0 LST 14 FD ; T. Montgomery RB 7 GP 11 ATT 40 YDS 3.6 AVG 15 LNG 0 BIG 0 TDS 5.7 YDS/G 0 FUM 0 LST 1 FD   ; J. Crowder WR 7 GP 35 REC 50 TGTS 322 YDS 9.2 AVG 0 TD 30 LNG 4 BIG 46 YDS/G 0 FUM 0 LST 151 YAC 14 FD ; R. Anderson WR 7 GP 21 REC 43 TGTS 309 YDS 14.7 AVG 1 TD 92 LNG 3 BIG 44.1 YDS/G 0 FUM 0 LST 83 YAC 10 FD

New York Giants vs New York Jets Betting Numbers


New York Giants

NY Giants are 1-4 ATS in their last 5 games.
NY Giants are 0-5 SU in their last 5 games.
New York is 4-1-1 ATS in their last 6 games against NY Jets.
NY Giants are 5-1 SU in their last 6 games against NY Jets.
The total has gone OVER in 5 of NY Giants’ last 5 games on the road.

New York Jets

NY Jets are 2-8 ATS in their last 10 games.
The total has gone OVER in 4 of NY Jets’ last 6 games.
NY Jets are 1-10 SU in their last 11 games.
New York is 1-8 SU in their last 9 games at home.
NY Jets are 1-5 SU in their last 6 games when playing at home against NY Giants.

New York Giants vs New York Jets Betting Picks

Best NFL bets for this week have estimated that the teams will push against the spread with a predicted score of 18.3 versus 20.8. The total is going under.