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New England Patriots: Is Rob Gronkowski in or out?

The New England Patriots are among the favorites of people who bet on NFL, with odds of +755 to win Super Bowl 51. One of the reasons for that status is players such as tight end Rob Gronkowski, who in five seasons has managed to be the youngest player with 3 touchdown receptions in a game; first tight end to lead the league in receiving touchdown; first tight end to have 3 seasons with 10+ touchdowns and 1,000+ receiving yards; and have the most touchdown receptions; most touchdowns; most receiving yards; most offensive touchdowns; and most career postseason receiving touchdowns by a tight end, among other accolades.

However, some New England football betting fans can’t help but wonder whether the Gronk and the Patriots are in good terms. The team’s mandatory practice mini-camp has come and gown and No. 87 was conspicuous by his absence. The tight end has confirmed that he did report to practice, but was “doing other things, participating fully with what the coaches have me doing, so we’re all good, we’re all on the same page.” A subset of people who bet on NFL are also worried that Gronkowski might not be fully comfortable with his contract – a condition which he might have contracted from Von Miller.

All things considered, the Patriots may just be playing it safe with Gronkowski. As much as he is a force to be reckoned with on offense, the tight end is also prone to injury. He missed his junior college season in 2009 due to back surgery. In addition to that, Gronkowski has struggled with forearm, knee, and ankle injuries in the past. It would appear as if New England is going out of their way to keep their most important player healthy, but as it turns out this is just business as usual and not a source of concern for football betting fans. Last year was pretty much the same story, which is nevertheless always good for slow news day.

Therefore, fans who bet on NFL should become accustomed to the idea of not seeing Gronkowski in every first-team drill, and the Gronk himself has “no clue” whether coach Bill Belichick will utilize him during the pre-season. Mike Reiss of ESPN.com reported that the tight end is suffering from an “undisclosed physical ailment.” Whether that is truly the case or not, “undisclosed” seems to be the key word here, and Gronkowski has followed Belichick’s example of saying only what’s absolutely necessary, and sometimes even less that. However, all signs point to the fact that the Gronk will be ready, willing, and able when the NFL season opens September 8th, 2016.