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More Super Bowl Prop Bets for the Big Game

More Super Bowl Prop Bets: Do you want something beyond the typical Super Bowl bets? Have you been looking to bet on the Big Game in a new way? There’s nothing like betting on the Super Bowl for many reasons, not the least of which is how great the prop bets are. 2023 Super Bowl prop bets are more plentiful than they are for any other game. Betting on the Super Bowl has never been more fun and inclusive. 

One of the major reasons that prop bets for the Super Bowl are so popular is that most folks don’t need to have years and years of football knowledge to be able to win them. Sure, it can help to know how Pat Mahomes typically does on 3rd down when trailing by four, but with a prop bet, you don’t have to know that. These bets are always popular and we have more prop bets for the Super Bowl than ever before. Better still, we’re adding plenty more, too. 

Prop Bets for the Super Bowl Throughout the Game

How do you think the Super Bowl is going to go? Not just “do you think the Eagles or Chiefs are going to win,” but, how do you think the game is going to play out? We ask because we have plenty of prop bets for you to bet on how the game will go.  For example, you can bet on whether the first play from scrimmage will result in a first down. If you believe that either team is going to come out throwing (or with a really well-designed, well-executed run) or a great scramble from two great running quarterbacks, you can win some money. 

By that same token, do you think the result of the first punt will be a fair catch? We have the odds pretty solidly for “no,” but if you think yes, you can win some money. You can also bet on if there will be a fumble lost, not by either team in particular, but just lost in general. With this, you can bet on so much more than just the score throughout the game. 

Big Game Prop Bets for When the Game Ends 

No matter which team wins, no matter how they do it, one thing is almost guaranteed to occur: the Gatorade bath. Whether it’s truly Gatorade (or some other sports drink) the head coach almost always gets it dumped on them once the game has been decided. You can bet on the color here at our site. 

Now, you can bet on whether it’s orange, blue, clear, yellow/green, purple, red/pink, or “any other color” (which is essentially “the field.”) Now, you might think “yellow/green” is a good bet, since those are two colors. However, the best odds are on “any other color.” You’ll also find that there aren’t bad odds on “no Gatorade bath,” if the coach doesn’t get anything dumped on him when the game ends. 

Here’s some research that can help you. To use an example (that didn’t work out) the Pittsburgh Steelers under head coach Mike Tomlin (and before him, Bill Cowher) only, exclusively use orange sports drinks. So, if you know a similar stat for the Eagles and Chiefs (which they use, looking at prior Gatorade baths for the teams) you can determine who will get the big bath after the game. 

Additionally, we’ve made it so that you can bet on what position the player(s) who dump the Gatorade on the winning coach are. Will they be players on the offense? Will they be players on the defense? Will they be a mix of both? We actually believe that, in this game, it’ll be offensive players no matter who wins, so those odds are the best right now. Again, you can look at prior games to determine how you want to move forward. What do you think? 

Bet the Super Bowl at BetNow 

Of course, these are just some of the props that we offer. You can do so much more than just bet the props here. Indeed, you can bet on all of the money lines, odds, point spread, and so much more. Good luck in the Super Bowl!