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Los Angeles Rams 2016 Team Report and Odds

Last season recap

The 2015 NFL betting season was the last one for the Rams in St. Louis, the city they called home for 21 seasons, starting in 1995. Like grunge and nu-metal, the Rams went over like gangbusters in St. Louis in the mid-90s to early 2000s, appearing in two Super Bowls and winning one – XXXIV in 1999, making it the only franchise in history to win championships in three different cities. That was then, though, and this is now. And now, the Rams stint in St. Louis ended with a whimper instead of a bang. The 2015 season marked the tenth consecutive year that the Rams failed to make the postseason. Consequently, the Rams left town faster than a snake oil vendor about to be tarred and feathered.

What’s new

Obviously the biggest novelty for the Rams is their relocation back to Los Angeles, presumably in search of the Great Twitch. Who says you can’t go home? The 2016 NFL betting season will be the Rams’ 79th in the league and the 50th in the Greater Los Angeles Area. It will also be the fifth with head coach Jeff Fisher (no relation to Jeff Fischer). The Rams will attempt to improve last year’s 7-9 record, as well as their 4-12 record from their last season in LA in 1994. The second biggest news for the Rams is the signing of 1st overall draft pick, QB Jared Goff. The 21 year old was the star quarterback of the California Golden Bears, where he set numerous records and completed 977 of 1,568 passes for 12,195 yards and 96 TDs. Some fans who bet on NFL might joke that the Rams moved back to LA solely to make the California-born Goff feel at home, and as they say, there is a grain of truth in every joke.

What to expect

Rams NFL betting fans have some pretty high expectations for Goff, and could you really blame them? Sometimes consistency is not a good thing, Jeff Fisher’s Rams have been fairly consistent in finishing with 7 wins. Furthermore, lack of consistency has been the only consistency on the starting QB spot. Goff is expected to help change those two situations. The Rams wanted Goff so bad they traded the Titans their 15th overall pick, two second-round picks, and a third-round pick in the 2016 draft, and their first and third-round picks in 2017. So, you know, no pressure there whatsoever, kid. Fisher has said he believes the Rams are one quarterback away from turning the tide, but is Goff that quarterback. OTA reports suggest he had problems taking care of the ball, and he still has to learn how to run a professional style offense. Al things considered, it will only be Goff’s first season in the league, and the Rams first in LA in over 20 years, so they will both have some adjustment to do. Like Jack Stanton said, “there is innocence and a new start in the West, after all. If you believe the dream you dream when you go there.”

Odds to win Super Bowl 51: +10000