Looking Over the Most Volatile NFL Betting Signings

Posted by: Mike Davis
Looking Over the Most Volatile NFL Betting Signings

As we dive deeper into the online NFL betting season, sportsbook players can begin to analyze and criticize all the moves that the most dangerous franchises are making. Seeing your team sign a talented, seasoned veteran is a promise of good things to come, and seeing your team sit idly by in free agency is, well, not so comforting.

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Signing a free agent is never a guarantee. More often than not, free agents are veterans and since football is such a physically demanding sport, veterans are more prone to succumbing to injury. Likewise, taking a gamble on a young, unproven player is just as risky (just look at what happened to the Houston Texans last season). Since sportsbook players have already seen a good deal of signings this offseason, let’s take a look at the most volatile of these pickups.

Chicago Bears – Mike Glennon

Three-years, $45 million, $18.5 million guaranteed

Although kicking Jay Cutler was the best thing the Bears could’ve done, did they really need to spend $15 million a year? For comparison, Aaron Rodgers, widely considered to be the best quarterback in the league, is only making $7 million per year, despite being quantitatively better than Glennon. Glennon posted a 125.4 passer rating in 2016, but he only had 11 pass attempts.

Calais Campbell – Jacksonville Jaguars

Four-years, $60 million, $30 million guaranteed

Unlike Glennon, who still has to earn his stripes in the league, Campbell is a proven defender. The only problem is that over the course of his 9-year career, Campbell has played the 5-technique in a 3-4 defense. Since Jacksonville plays a 4-3, it’s no guarantee Campbell will make a tremendous online NFL betting impact.

AJ Bouye – Jacksonville Jaguars

Five-years, $67.5 million, $26 million guaranteed

The Jaguars are vying for a turnaround and they’re not afraid of spending a little dough to accomplish that. With $30 million guaranteed going to Campbell, and $26 million guaranteed going to Bouye, Jacksonville is shredding through their cap space, but there’s no denying that they’re plugging holes by the minute. The only problem is that they’re throwing a lot of money on a player who isn’t as “proven” as Campbell.

Stephon Gilmore – New England Patriots

 Five-years, $65 million, $40 million guaranteed

The Pats are always making moves in the offseason and the addition of a shutdown corner is something to be envied. Gilmore is a proven, bump-and-run corner, so there’s no denying his talents. The only problem is that he’s missed time in 4 out of the last 5 seasons. So when he’s on the field they’ll be getting their money’s worth, but what about when he’s sidelined?

Russell Okung – Los Angeles Chargers

Four-years, $53 million, $25 million guaranteed

Okung was considered one of the best tackles in the league…. back in 2012. The Broncos could have brought him back for another year, and would’ve paid a lot less than the Chargers. There might be a reason for Denver’s hesitance.