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Kaepernick Has Little Hope for Outplaying Brees

All eyes were on Colin Kaepernick when the San Francisco 49ers announced the 6-year veteran would reprise his role as the starting quarterback. After Kaepernick sparked protests that ignited a conversation across the country regarding police brutality, many online NFL betting fans were taking heed of Kaepernick’s play to see if the protests would motivate the young athlete. So far Kaepernick has started two games, and what we’ve seen is hardly impressive. Currently Kaepernick has a 46% completion percentage, 2 touchdowns, 1 interception and a 66.2 passer rating – not exactly winning numbers. However, two football games isn’t exactly a large sample size and to truly get a grasp of how well Kaepernick can play, we’re gonna have to wait it out and see.

In Week 9 the San Francisco 49er will face off against the New Orleans Saints. Kickoff will be at 4:05 PM EST and the game will be broadcast by Fox. Considering how poor Kaepernick has been playing, what kind of odds are most football betting sites giving the Niners in their contest against the Saints?

NFL Odds – Week 9 – Sunday, November 6th

San Francisco 49ers +3 ½ (-120) 52 (-105) +155
New Orleans Saints -3 ½ (EV) 52 (-115) -175

No bombshells here, the online NFL betting odds have decided to favor Drew Brees over Colin Kaepernick. Which is completely understandable, after all Brees is a Super Bowl winning quarterback, while Kaepernick has barely won a handful of playoff games. There’s no denying there’s a vast difference between these two quarterbacks, but there is also an extensive contrast between these two offenses.

To begin 2016 the Niners had to face off against the Los Angeles Rams. In that contest, online NFL betting fans ripped apart the Rams for having a terrible offense. But several weeks down the line it’s clear that San Francisco’s offense was worst all along. As of Week 8, the 49ers have the absolute worst passing offense in the NFL. Their rushing offense is the 4th best, but it’s not helping them out too much considering that their total offense also ranks dead last in the league. With such a terrible offensive showing, it’s easy to understand how the Niners are 1-6. The Saints defense is pretty pitiable, so San Fran should be able to put some points on the board. However, there is little hope for this team to outscore Brees and the Saints’ high-flying offense.

Behind Brees’ impressive efforts, New Orleans passing offense ranks as the best in the NFL. Their running game is the 25th worst, but you can’t really blame that on the quarterback. But either way, the Saints still have the 2nd best total offense in the NFL and are scoring the 2nd most amount of points per game. With those figures in mind, Kaepernick might be better off taking a knee on this one.