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Most Intriguing Matchups of 2017 Online NFL Betting Season

The online NFL betting season is inching nearer every day. Pretty soon, sports betting sites will be buzzing with the latest NFL lines, which is something we’re all looking forward to. In order to build anticipation for this upcoming season, we’ve decided to run down the best, most intriguing, can’t-miss matchups of the 2017 season. Let’s start things off with the most alluring of pairings: a rematch of last year’s record-breaking Super Bowl.

No. 1 – Atlanta Falcons at New England Patriots

After witnessing the thrilling roller coaster that was last year’s Super Bowl, how could the rematch not crack the top of this list? Although most sportsbooks were expecting this pairing to be the kickoff to the 2017, we’ll have to wait until midseason to see these two go at it once more. This will be Atlanta’s chance to get some semblance of revenge although; this game doesn’t have nearly the same stakes as the Super Bowl.

No. 2 – Seattle Seahawks at Green Bay Packers

After seeing these two face each other so many times in the postseason within the last decade, this matchup has the atmosphere of a playoff game. But there will be a juicier headline when these two go at it. Eddie Lacy, the man whose overweightness earned him the nickname ‘Cheeseburger Eddy’, parted ways with Green Bay and got signed by the Seahawks. We’ll have to see if Lacey holds any bad blood for the Pack. Also, seeing Michael and Martellus Bennett go at it on opposite sides of the ball is one of the best things about professional football.

No. 3 – New England Patriots at Oakland Raiders

Considering we’re still living in the New England dynasty era, it’s not at all surprising to see them on this list. The Raiders weren’t exactly Super Bowl contenders last season, but after Derek Carr caught the attention of everyone in the league, online NFL betting fans around the world wanted to know just how far Carr could take Oakland. Unfortunately, a devastating leg injury kept us from witnessing that event. Now, a revamped Raiders squad will have an opportunity to take down the top dog in the AFC. We’ll just have to see how they measure up.

No. 4 – Pittsburgh Steelers at Kansas City Chiefs

Considering how unentertaining last year’s AFC Championship match between the Pats and the Steelers was, seeing Kansas City go toe-to-toe with Pittsburgh sounds like it should be much livelier. Although, it’s doubtful it will be a shootout. Rather, seeing how Pittsburgh’s explosive offense measures against Kansas City’s secondary will make for a great show.

No. 5 – Dallas Cowboys at Oakland Raiders

Not only will this be a shootout, but it will also pit some of the best, youngest stars in the NFL against each other. Derek Carr and Marshawn Lynch will have to find a way to rival the immense camaraderie between Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott. The Cowboys will likely be favored, considering they’re the more well-rounded team. But a matchup that pits two of the best offensive lines in the league against each other will certainly deliver a shootout – something every online NFL betting player would love to see.