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What do Indianapolis Colts Playoff Chances Look Like?

With only one more preseason game to go before the start of the regular season fans are as eager as ever to get back to NFL betting. The Indianapolis Colts have a reputation within the league for being synonymous with success but last season they failed to live up to the hype. Chuck Pagano, Indianapolis’ head coach, led the Colts to an 8-8 and even though they were 2nd in the AFC South they were still unable to make it to the playoffs. This marked the first time that Indianapolis missed the playoffs since 2011 and only the 4th time since 1998. The pressure will be on this season to make sure that they don’t make it two consecutive years without a playoff appearance. So, what do the top sportsbooks have to say about the Colts’ chances of making the playoffs?

Odds to Win AFC South

Indianapolis Colts +140

Odds to Win AFC Championship

Indianapolis Colts +1235

Odds to Win Super Bowl

Indianapolis Colts +2650

The Colts mishaps last season can largely be attributed to the defense’s poor play. The Colts defense ranked near the bottom of the league in every stat imaginable. They were 28th in points allowed per game (23.3), 21st in yards allotted per game with 337 and 25th in total rushing defense with 125.3 rushing yards allowed per game. Their passing defense performed slightly better but not by a meaningful margin. They allowed 211.7 passing yards per game which ranks them 19th in the NFL. The defenses lackluster play forced Indianapolis to part ways with their former defensive coordinator and they’ve chosen to bring in Ted Monachino to help lead this team to the top of the AFC. The NFL betting odds think Monachino can do it, considering they’re the favorites to win the AFC South.

Having the odds on your side is never a bad thing, but it doesn’t guarantee success. Last season the Colts were the favorites to win the division but injuries and poor play led to their vapid 8-8 record. The Colts have made it their mission to improve their defense by bringing in an esteemed coach to manage their defense as well as snagging up Patrick Robinson during free agency. This is an important move and reflects how strategically minded Indianapolis truly is. They know their safeties aren’t experienced and are looking to counterbalance by bringing on veteran players at the cornerback position.

The key to the Colt’s offense will be to keep Andrew Luck – who they locked-up with a six-year contract this offseason – healthy. The best way to keep your quarterback healthy is to make sure he has solid pass protection. To help ensure that the Colts have brought on Joe Philbin as assistant head coach and offensive line coach. They also drafted Ryan Kelly the center out of Alabama to help add depth on the line. Depth is a big concern for this team, they have plenty of talent, but the depth is just not there. If the Colts can get adopt a better scheme on secondary then their biggest issue will be injuries. There’s no doubt a healthy Indianapolis team will make an appearance in the NFL betting playoffs.