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Former Cowboys Receiver Sees NFL Odds Favor Dallas In Prescott Contract Row

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Former Cowboys Receiver Sees NFL Odds Favor Dallas In Prescott Contract Row

The Dallas Cowboys failed to strike a deal with Dak Prescott, meaning he will be under the franchise tag. A dispute on the length of the contract and the money led to the standoff. Some feel Prescott holds the advantage over the Cowboys heading into the NFL season. However, former Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant begs to differ. For him, the NFL odds are in Dallas’ favor.

Bryant, currently a free agent, should know how the Cowboys operate. He played there from 2010 to 2017 before moving to the New Orleans Saints. The 31-year-old receiver bats that the Cowboys never had a problem paying their quarterbacks. Hence, the inability of the Dallas Cowboys to close a deal with Prescott could be reasonable. The five-year deal could be reasonable compared to the four-year pact that the young quarterback wants. Tied up to that is the money involved, something critics feel is already generous.

It is believed that Prescott wants a deal similar to what Carson Wentz got with the Philadelphia Eagles. Wentz secured a four-year deal worth $128 million. Another quarterback who inked an extension is Jared Goff of the Los Angeles Rams. He secured a four-year deal worth $134 million, $110 million of which is guaranteed.

The Cowboys offer was fairly close to what Wentz got with the Eagle although it will have an extra year. Prescott may have a point, wanting the same amount but for only four years. Though he has shown that he has improved through the years. However, he has yet to hit that point where he can be categorized as an elite quarterback. And the immediate thing he needs to do is lead the Cowboys to a better showing in the advanced NFL stages.

NFL Odds On Prescott Next Contract

Right now, Prescott will have to make do with the franchise tag and settle for a $31.4 million contract. He goes through the motion of negotiating with the Cowboys next summer. It will be interesting if Dallas offers a different one, something that could be either higher or lower. It all depends on how he performs this season, assuming there is one.

Prescott has had more than 15,000 yards, 97 passing touchdowns and 36 interceptions. He has also completed 66% of his passing attempts. But unless he can lead the team to the Super Bowl at most, the tender for him is unlikely to get higher than what is on the table.

Bryan Knows Dallas In Control

Bryant knows that Dallas has not held out on its past quarterbacks and will certainly not do so with Prescott.  The generous offer dumbfounds critics, most befuddled by what more Prescott would want. If the 26-year-old out of Louisiana is not careful, being overzealous could backfire at some point.

There is a chance that contract talks will continue in the coming NFL season. But if nothing comes close to that, the Cowboys could resort to plan B and look at other options. Making things more complicated is how far Dallas will go. Despite a talented young core, upper management wants to see results. If they end up doing similar or worse than last season, it may be time to explore other quarterback options.