Football Betting Websites Size up Thursday Night’s Matchup

Posted by: Sebastian Morera
Washington Redskins vs. Dallas Cowboys NFL Betting – Thursday, Nov. 30th

This upcoming Thursday night, football betting websites and fans alike will have an opportunity to wager on an NFC East matchup between the Washington Redskins and the Dallas Cowboys. Neither team is having the season they were aiming for as they’re both sitting on a 5-6 losing record. However, there still lies a road to the playoffs for both these teams, if they manage to turn things around and have a handful of chips fall in their favor. First things first, one will need to beat the other this Thursday night. What kind of turnout are the NFL teaser odds predicting?

Washington Redskins vs. Dallas Cowboys – Thursday, Nov. 30th

When: 8:25 pm ET

Where: AT&T Stadium, Arlington, Texas


Stream: CBS Sports, NFL Game Pass

Sports Betting Lines:

Washington Redskins +1 ½ (-105)   44 (-115)

Dallas Cowboys -1 ½ (-115)  44 (-105)

Washington Redskins

The Redskins fly into this matchup sporting a 5-6 record that ranks the franchise 3rd in the NFC East, despite having the same record as the Cowboys, due to a 33-19 loss to the Cowboys the franchise endured earlier this season. Washington’s biggest setback this season has been their inconsistency as one week the Redskins are able to upset some of the winningest teams in pro football while the next their loosing matches they should have won. Washington hasn’t exactly been getting blown out by their opponents, but losses against the Vikings, Saints, Eagles, and Chiefs this season; football betting websites know exactly where in the league the Redskins rank. Washington is coming off an easy 20-10 win over the New York Giants that snapped a 2-game losing streak the club had accumulated.

Dallas Cowboys

America’s Team enters this Week 13 pairing flashing a 5-6 record that ranks the Cowboys 2nd in the NFC East. Dallas has been in the headlines all season long but for all the wrong reasons. Last year, NFL betting pundits couldn’t’ stop talking about the Cowboys because they were taking the NFC East, and the entire NFC subsequently, by storm. However, it’s a different story this year. Instead of having people talking about how great the Cowboys are, people can’t stop critiquing this year’s Dallas squad – Jerry Jones in particular.

The reason being, that Jones is quite literally at the heart of a personal vendetta against NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. All because Goodell decided to suspend Elliott for 6 games this season for some off the field issues. The problem is that Jones, or really Elliott, feels like he didn’t actually do anything wrong and is simply being framed by a disgruntled now-former lover. Ergo, the Cowboys felt that the suspension was unfair and fought it armed to the tooth.

Skip several weeks ahead, after a plethora of legal battles; a judge has now reinstated Elliott’s suspension. The irony is that had Elliott simply sat out earlier this season, he would be back in the lineup giving his team an opportunity to seal up a Wild Card berth. Instead, Elliott is somewhere else trying to get in shape. The only problem is that, from what we’ve seen in the Cowboys recent 3-game losing streak: Prescott cannot lead this team to a win without a solid running game backing him up. In other words, feel free side with football betting websites on this one.