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First-Team All-Pro Offensive Projections

The NFL season officially kicks off next Thursday and online bookmakers are getting ready to bring an entire year’s worth of lucrative betting lines. At the end of the season fans, players, and coaches alike get to vote on who the best players of 2016 were. The athletes that win the majority are then invited to the annual Pro Bowl in celebration of their excellence. Receiving an invitation to the Pro Bowl is definitely an achievement even for the league’s best, but there is a higher accolade that awaits those who shine the brightest in their position: being named first-team All-Pro. That honor behooves the absolute best players in the entire NFL. Trying to predict who will make the Pro Bowl can be a difficult task, but trying to predict who will be named first-team All-Pro can be extremely arduous. But, in order to make the best possible predictions for your bet on NFL futures, fans need to know where the best players in the league lie. So, here’s a way too early prediction of this year’s first-team All-Pro offensive selections.


To start this list off we’ll begin with the most important position in all of football. While some may argue that this honor belongs to Cam Newton or Tom Brady, the honor befits another #12: Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers is coming off what is considered an ‘off-season’ that saw him post a quarterback rating of 92.7. With his offensive weapons returning a 4,500 yard, 40 touchdown season should be expected. Many online bookmakers have Rodgers pegged as the favorite to win this year’s MVP award, which would mark the third time the quarterback has won the award.


Adrian Peterson has held the title of the league’s best back for quite some time now. But as father time begins to take its toll, there might be enough room for someone else to take the mantle. That someone may just be Todd Gurley of the Los Angeles Rams who ran for 1,600 yards and 15 scores in his first full season. Two runningback spots are awarded on the first-team roster and it’s likely the aging Peterson will snatch the second behind Gurley.


Fullback, like other blocking positions, can be one of the most underrated positions in all of football. That’s why a player like Patrick DiMarco can play so well and fly so lo low under the radar. Granted exceptional play at the fullback position involves mostly blocking, but there’s no denying DiMarco is one of the best in the game.

Wide Receiver

Two spots are also awarded at the receiver position and they will likely be snatched up by Odell Beckham Jr., and Antonio Brown. Just like every football that flies their way.

Tight End

There are few players in the league who are as dominant at their position as Rob Gronkowski is at tight end. Gronkowski is such a superior athlete that the Patriots are known for using him on both sides of the ball. If there’s one player on this list who is 100% guaranteed to win the first-team All-Pro it is Rob Gronkowski.

Offensive Tackle

As the movie The Blindside made known ubiquitously, tackles are one of the most important positions in football. Two slots are awarded to accommodate the two tackles on offense and this year’s positions will likely be snagged by Joe Thomas of the Cleveland Browns, and Tyron Smith of the Dallas Cowboys. Thomas is by far the best player on the Browns’ roster and Tyron Smith is equally as talented. The Cowboys just happen to have talent at other positions, unlike the Browns.

Offensive Guard

The Cowboys’ always have one of the best O-lines in the NFL and that’s why their guard, Zack Martin, will likely win this roster spot. He will more than likely be joined by Marshal Yanda of the Baltimore Ravens. Yanda has been consistent in every definition of the word, which is highlighted by the fact that he hasn’t missed a game since 2012.


While Travis Frederick is considered the favorite to take this slot, many critics have their eye on Kansas City Chiefs’ Mitch Morse. Not too many online bookmakers favor the Chiefs, but if there’s one thing right about Kansas City, it would be Mitch Morse.