Who is Most Favored to Represent NFC in Super Bowl?

Posted by: Anthony Yaylor
Most Favored to Represent NFC in Super Bowl

Even though the dawn of the New Year signifies the fast approaching end of the online NFL betting season, it also means that the Super Bowl is less than a month away. Very few sporting events have the ability to draw such a large audience across a wide demographic, which is why the big show is always one of the most entertaining contests of the year. Of course, being the NFL title game, the contest is always expected to be a thrilling and competitive. However, even when the game doesn’t live up to its expectations, fans can always keep themselves entertained with the Super Bowl commercials that have increased in notoriety over the last couple of years. So, looking over which teams have qualified for the playoffs, will this year’s final game of the season be electrifying or will it be a snooze? Let’s check the sportsbook odds to see what they think about the competition the NFC is offering.


Atlanta Falcons +335

Dallas Cowboys +150

Detroit Lions +4550

Green Bay Packers +410

New York Giants +1360

Seattle Seahawks +560

Obviously the Atlanta Falcons and Dallas Cowboys have the best odds of the lot since they have the 2 highest seeds in the conference and have fewer games to compete in to get to the Super Bowl. But of those two, sportsbooks think much more of the Cowboys than of Atlanta.

During the preseason, the Cowboys had great odds of winning the NFC East and didn’t fail to disappoint. However, an injury to Tony Romo made it seem like the Cowboys wouldn’t be able to live up to the prediction the odds made. But in the end, Romo’s injury might have proven to be a blessing in disguise. With Romo out of the picture, nothing stood in the way of Dak Prescott – a 4th round draft pick who delivered one of the best rookie seasons we’ve seen since Ben Roethlisberger. Prescott exceeded any expectations fans had and has placed himself at the forefront of the rookie of the year discussion, although most sportsbook fans will agree that that honor will likely fall to Prescott’s teammate, Ezekiel Elliot.

Most people would expect the rookie quarterback to be facing the most amount of pressure ahead of this year’s postseason.  However, considering Prescott has the best offensive line in the NFL, Elliott in the backfield, and a defense that can reduce big plays, it’s safe to say that the rookie doesn’t have a lot of pressure on his shoulders. Matt Ryan on the other hand, is dangerously close to having his legacy tarnished. This season Ryan delivered a performance that will likely earn him an MVP award. But, Ryan has a 1-4 playoff record. If Ryan, who has been playing MVP football all season long, isn’t able to lead an Atlanta team – that isn’t nearly as well equipped as the Cowboys, to a playoff victory, then Ryan will be known as a postseason bust. Ultimately the playoffs are where quarterbacks build their legacy and right now, Ryan’s is rather lacking. In the end, a Super Bowl ring would go a long way for Ryan.