Expect Pittsburgh To Deliver A Steely Beat Down

Posted by: Charlie Smith
Steelers vs Bills NFL Week 14 Betting Preview

As we draw nearer to the end of the 2016 online NFL betting season, there are fewer and fewer questions remaining regarding the playoff picture, specifically which teams will be winning their respective division. We know the New England Patriots will be winning the AFC East, we know the Dallas Cowboys will be winning the NFC East, and we’re pretty sure the Seattle Seahawks will be claiming the NFC West. But there are a few divisions which are still up for grabs, one of which is the AFC North. Although it might not be as competitive as the AFC West, the North could still go one of two ways. The Pittsburgh Steelers could very well win it, just like the football sportsbooks predicted at the start of the season. But at the same time, with the Ravens being tied with the Steelers atop the North, Baltimore could sneak away with the division. With only 4 games left in the season, how both these teams perform in the upcoming weeks will determine the playoff picture and ultimately who will win the North.

In Week 14 the 7-5 Steelers will travel to New York to face off against the 6-6 Buffalo Bills. As previously mentioned the East belongs to the Patriots so there’s little hope for the Bills to reclaim the division, and at 6-6 they aren’t the most prominent team in the Wild Card race. In other words, the Steelers need this win much more than the Bills because Pittsburgh’s playoff hopes are much more legitimate. Let’s see who the football betting lines are siding with this Sunday.

NFL Odds – Week 14 – Sunday, December 11th 
Pittsburgh Steelers -1 (-115) 47 (-105)
Buffalo Bills +1 (-105) 47 (-115)

The online NFL betting odds are having a hard time picking one team over the other, which is a little surprising because you’d expect the Steelers to come into this game as the favorite. Pittsburgh will be coming into this game with a 3-game win streak, while the Bills will be coming off their loss to the Oakland Raiders.

Looking over both of these teams numbers, it’s clear that the Steelers will have the upper hand this Sunday. With the worst passing game in the NFL, Buffalo’s offense is extremely one-dimensional. The Bills may be the proud owners of the league’s best rushing offense, but the Steelers have the 6th best run defense so they should be well adjusted. On the other side, the Steelers have the 8th best passing offense and the 18th worst rushing offense. Which will provide an interesting matchup against the Bills’ 8th best passing defense and 26th worst rushing defense. With those numbers in mind, it’s hard not to disagree with the online NFL betting odds.