Early Super Bowl LII Betting Sportsbook Preview

Posted by: Anthony Yaylor
Super Bowl LII Betting

The 2018 online NFL betting season is almost under wrap, which means that the Super Bowl LII betting lines are primed and ready for some heavy action. Unsurprisingly, the New England Patriots have once again made it to the NFL’s title game. But unlike most times, there’s a good bit of drama surrounding New England. Furthermore, Tom Brady isn’t getting any younger and nobody can beat father time. Will these troubles be enough for the underdog to pull off the upset in this year’s Super Bowl LII betting matchup?

Super Bowl LII Betting – Philadelphia vs. New England – Feb., 4th

When: 6:30 pm ET

Where: US Bank Stadium, Minneapolis, Minnesota


Stream: NBC Extra, NFL Game Pass

Super Bowl LII Betting Lines:

Philadelphia Eagles +5 (-115)           48 (-110)         +176

New England Patriots -5 (-105)        48 (-110)         -210

Philadelphia Eagles

During the online NFL betting regular season, the Philadelphia Eagles emerged as one of the leading contenders in the NFC. However, when Carson Wentz, who was making a very compelling argument for an MVP trophy, went down with a torn ACL, most NFL sportsbooks began to rule the Eagles out. After all, how much success could Philly find with back up Nick Foles?

Nevertheless, Foles stepped in and instantly proved himself by winning two straight to close out the regular season. Granted, the Eagles lost the final game of the season, but only because they pulled their starters. Furthermore, once in the postseason, Foles behaved himself like a veteran time and time again. Needless to say, had it not been for Foles’, the Eagles would not be going to the Super Bowl in February.

However, Foles is now set to face the biggest challenge of his career. After all, few can measure up to a Bill Belichick defense. Luckily for Foles, the Eagles have a great running game that will undoubtedly open up lanes down the field. Ultimately, the teaser sports betting odds are siding against Philly in this Super Bowl LII betting matchup – but not by much.

New England Patriots

As aforementioned, it appears that the Patriots are dealing with a new drama-related dynamic in their organization. Over the last couple of years, tensions between Belichick and Brady have risen to new levels. Specifically, friction arose when Belichick decided to remove Brady’s personal trainer from the Pats’ facility. Rumor has it that Brady’s methods were drastically different from New England’s, and new players were torn when trying to figure out where they should train.

While Belichick has denied any tension in regards to this, there’s no question that New England’s decision to trade Jimmy Garoppolo did not sit well with the future Hall of Fame coach. From what NFL pundits have speculated, Belichick was aiming to have Garoppolo replace Brady next season. After all, Belichick needs to win a Super Bowl without Brady in order to set the record straight as to who’s most responsible for New England’s dynasty.

Notwithstanding Belichick’s plans, New England’s owner had something else in mind. Robert Kraft, who’s grown especially fond of Brady over the last couple of years, practically ordered Belichick to trade Garoppolo and to keep Brady as the face of the franchise. As most would expect, this didn’t sit well with Belichick. This has unquestionably been the primer for what most perceive to be some very real drama.

But that additional drama is not the only thing the Pats have to contend with at the moment. Rob Gronkowski, New England’s leading receiver, has sustained a concussion and it’s not clear whether or not he’ll be able to suit up for some Super Bowl LII betting action. Sportsbook players might disagree on how integral a part of the Pats’ offense Gronk is. But with the added drama in the locker room, New England needs all the chips they can get. And of course, that includes getting calls from the refs.