Early NFL Betting Projections for the Carolina Panthers

Posted by: Charlie Smith
Carolina Panthers Betting Predictions

The Panther’s Super Bowl 50 loss to the Denver Broncos was a real upset for all NFL betting fans of the team. A fantastic season that had a record of 15-1, had a real anticlimactic and disappointing end, when the Bronco’s Defense man handled the Panthers. The Carolina franchise is now out to avenge that loss and seek vindication. However, emulating their past success might be a heck of a lot tougher this year, as the league has changed and the competition has grown tougher.

This season the Panthers are expected to dominate the NFC South Division, not getting many opposition from the Saints, Falcons or Buccs. Their division is particularly weak and has been for a bit now, and if you bet on NFL you can definitely bank on the fact that the Panthers will have no problem reaching the playoffs this season.


Atlanta Falcons +545
Carolina Panthers -175
New Orleans Saints +680
Tampa Bay Buccaneers +575

However, it is hard to tell just how the Panthers will fare in the NFC race during the playoffs. The biggest obstacles in the Panther’s path to the Super Bowl are the Arizona Cardinals, the Green Bay Packers, the Seattle Seahawks and even the Dallas Cowboys, as these teams appear to have trimmed the fat and gotten healthy to put on a good fight in the NFC. NFL Betting experts have stated that part of the Panthers success last season came as a result of the misfortune of the other teams in the NFC, this year it will prove to be a good measuring stick for them to see how good they truly are. However, they have proven to be a great football team, with strong defense and fantastic offense.

With that said there are many things that are leaving NFL betting experts feeling cautious when picking the Panthers to win it all this season. For starters, the loss of Josh Norman will definitely leave a whole on Carolina’s secondary, as now they will be more vulnerable defending the passing game. Also, now teams are more familiar with their style of play and they saw what a good persistent defense can do to their offense, courtesy of the Broncos.

The Panthers record will not be as impressive this year, and that’s is almost a certainty. While their NFC South counterparts are not to be considered actual threats, the times when the Panthers venture to Denver, Seattle, Minnesota, Arizona and Kansas City, is where they will be put to the test. In this QB-centric league their secondary will have to put in additional work to replicate what they did last season, and with teams that are going to be arguably betters on offense, such as the Cowboys for example, the Panthers might have a hard time this years and could even fall to the Wild Card race this season. But that would be an unlikely scenario on its own right. The Panthers have the offensive power to overachieve, as they have done so in the past.