A Duel Between The Class of ‘04

Posted by: Charlie Smith
Bet on NFL Week 13 Steelers vs Giants

After finishing 6-10 in 2015, the New York Giants were unsure about the success that awaited them in the future. Especially since 2015 marked the last season that the Giants would have future Hall of Famer Tom Coughlin as their head coach. Ever since Eli Manning stepped onto an NFL field he was under the guidance of Coughlin, so online sportsbook fans weren’t certain that Manning would find success with a new coach. But this year’s Giants have failed to disappoint and are in a very good position to make the playoffs. In Week 13 the 8-3 Giants will face off against the 6-5 Pittsburgh Steelers. What do the NFL betting odds have to say about this pairing?

NFL Odds – Week 13 – Sunday, December 4th 

Pittsburgh Steelers -6 (-115) 48 (-110) -275
New York Giants +6 (-105) 48 (-110) +225

Since both teams are in playoff contention, one would expect the online football odds to be a little more even sided, but it looks like the bookies are heavily favoring the Steelers, despite the fact that they have 2 more losses on the season. Unlike the Giants, Pittsburgh is coming off a winning season. In 2015 the Steelers finished 10-6 and made it all the way to the divisional round before losing to the eventual Super Bowl champions. Mike Tomlin has been Pittsburgh’s coach for quite some time now and he’ll likely retain the position for years to come.

As aforementioned 2016 marked the year that the Giants would move on from Coughlin and Ben McAdoo was the man brought in to replace the legend. So far, NFL betting fans would have to agree that McAdoo has been doing an exceptional job. Under his leadership the Giants have excelled against the run, have limited their opponents scoring, and have managed to win 8 games so far this season. New York will come into this game with the 5th best rushing defense and the 6th least amount of points allotted per contest. Although the Giants haven’t been that great against the pass – right now they have the 24th worst pass defense, overall New York’s defense ranks as the 16th best. Unfortunately for the Giants, they’ll be going up against a pretty great quarterback this Sunday.

Ben Roethlisberger is without a doubt one of the best quarterbacks in the league. He has the arm strength and accuracy to compete with the best, and his ability to take hits and extend the play is unrivaled. Thanks to Roethlisberger’s talents, the Steelers have the 8th best passing offense in the league, which will indubitably spell trouble for New York this Sunday. However, this year’s Steelers defense is not as formidable as it used to be, and if Manning can bring his best game, it wouldn’t be at all surprising to see this contest turn into a shootout. So the question for NFL betting fans is: who would you rather have; Eli Manning or Ben Roethlisberger?