Are the Dolphins Actually Favorites over the Titans?

Posted by: Anthony Yaylor
Tennessee Titans vs. Miami Dolphins NFL Week 5 Odds

Was Marcus Mariota hailed as Tennessee’s champion prematurely? After finishing his rookie year with a 91.5 passer rating, many online NFL betting critics were certain that Mariota could be the foundation on which the Titans could put together a playoff caliper team. But with 4 games under his belt in his second season, Mariota isn’t quite living up to his expectations. So far this year Mariota has already thrown 5 interceptions, to only 4 touchdowns. His uninvolving play has given way to a low-ranking 73.9 passer rating, as well as the Titan’s unremarkable 1-3 record. Last year the Titans fired Ken Whisenhunt hoping that it would result in a more productive offense, but unfortunately that hasn’t been the case. Last week Terry Robiskie, Tennessee’s offensive coordinator, said ‘Our goal is to be the best running team in ball, the best executing team in ball and one of the most physical teams in ball.’ That sounds fine and dandy, but when you have one of the youngest, most talented slingers in the game and you’re not including him in your team’s philosophy, fans have to wonder: Are the lack of results on Mariota’s shoulders, or on his coaches? Either way, the Titans poor play has them pegged as the underdogs across all football betting sites, even when they’re facing the 1-3 Dolphins.

Week 5 – Sunday the 9th of October

Titans +3½ (-120) 43 (-110) +160
Dolphins -3½ (EV) 43 (-110) -170

Neither the Dolphins nor the Titans have been overly impressive this year, but the online NFL betting odds are still choosing to side with Miami in Sunday’s contest. The Dolphins are currently tied with the Jets for having the worst record in the AFC East, and while it may still be early in the year, it’s safe to say that 2016 has been disastrous for the Dolphins. Just like the Titans, Miami parted ways with their head coach in 2015. Adam Gase was brought in and fans’ hopes were high for a turnaround, but so far not much has changed. Right now the Dolphins’ total offense ranks 26th in the league, while their rush offense ranks 29th. Their passing game is slightly better at 17th, but that hasn’t resulted in too many wins. Defensively Miami has been equally disappointing; the Dolphins’ total defense ranks 28th in the NFL, their pass defense ranks 22nd, and their rush defense ranks 29th. With those kinds of stats it comes as no surprise that Miami is sitting at 1-3, yet somehow they are still favored over Tennessee.

Since both teams are playing poor football, predicting a clear winner might prove to be an onerous affair. An easier prediction can be found by wagering on the online NFL betting totals line. Heading into Week 5, the Titans offense is so inefficient that they rank dead last in points scored per game with an average of 15.5. Meanwhile Miami isn’t doing much better, with an average of 17.8 points scored per game the Dolphins’ offense ranks 28th in the NFL. Those averages are pretty low and even if both teams have a good day offensively, it’s very unlikely they’ll be going over 43 points.