Is Derek Carr out of MVP Contention?

Posted by: Anthony Yaylor
Is Derek Carr out of MVP Contention

This year’s MVP race has been a lot tighter than the online NFL betting community is used to. Last season, it was clear that Cam Newton deserved the award after the highlights consistently showed Newton delivering beautiful passes 50+ yards down the field, or even scrambling and using his athleticism to bully the opponent’s defense. But this year we’ve seen several players worthy of taking home the highest single individual award available to NFL athletes. From Dak Prescott having arguably the best rookie season in the history of the league, to seeing Matt Ryan and Julio Jones consistently tear apart opponent’s secondary. But even amongst this notable competition, Derek Carr seemed like the candidate most likely to take the award home at the end of the year, even if NFL sportsbooks thought otherwise.

The reason Derek Carr was held in an esteem higher than his peers was because of the endless troubles plaguing the Raiders. For example, Dak Prescott has been phenomenal this season. But he has had the help of inarguably the biggest offensive line in the entire NFL. In addition, Prescott has had a lot of pressure taken off his shoulders due to the Cowboys’ impressive running game. Ezekiel Elliot has been so impressive that some football betting sites have considered him to be a candidate for the MVP award. That may be unlikely, but it further proves that Prescott has had a considerable amount of help this season. Therefore, his success isn’t as impressive as Carr’s, who has had practically no help at all this season.

The Oakland Raiders may be 10-3, but all 10 of those wins can be attributed to Carr. Equally as true is the fact that you can attribute those three losses to Carr. In other words, whether the Raiders win or lose is solely up to Carr and the type of performance that he has in any given contest. Oakland has the 27th worst rushing defense, the 23rd worse passing defense, and the 30th worst total defense. With those numbers in mind, it is clear that Oakland’s defense isn’t winning any football games for them. Because of this Derek Carr has posted more 4th quarter comebacks in a single season than any other quarterback in NFL history. That alone put him at the forefront of the MVP discussion; the ability to consistently lead your team to a victory no matter what situation you’re facing. However, in the Raiders’ most recent contest, Carr vividly displayed his kryptonite: rain.

Heading into the game against Kansas City, the online NFL betting odds had the Raiders pegged as the underdogs. However, it seemed more likely than not that Oakland can win, until it started raining. Under the rain, Carr only completed 17/41 passes for 117 yards and 0 touchdowns. Some might say that it was the Chiefs’ secondary that forced this pitiful performance but make no mistake it was the weather that ruined Carr’s day. After a performance this disappointing, it’s hard to imagine Carr actually taking home the MVP award at the end of the season. In fact, most online NFL betting fans would say that Carr is now out of the MVP race.