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Cutler Cut his Thumb

It’s been 6 lengthy years since the Chicago Bears were a part of the online football betting playoffs, and by the way they’ve opened up this season it’s evident that they are hell-bent on making it 7. After bringing in a new general manager and head coach during the offseason, Bears fans were hopeful 2016 would be a turnaround. However, these first two weeks have been an indication that many of the same problems that have been plaguing Chicago are still lingering. Most of the Bears’ problems lie on offense, and in reality they can be traced down to one player: Jay Cutler.

Ever since Cutler entered the NFL his career has been the textbook definition of mediocre. At times the 33-year old can appear to be an elite quarterback, but the lack of consistency in his play results in more game losing throws than game winning drives. Cutler’s problem is not a lack of talent, but rather an abundance of complacency. Cutler’s complacency was most evident in Monday night’s matchup against the Philadelphia Eagles. After throwing an interception Cutler decided to come off the field and blame the turnover on a thumb injury sustained earlier in the game. This decision has prompted many critics to tear into Cutler, following the Bears’ loss. Many interpreted his injury as an excuse for the veteran quarterback to shift the blame off of him and onto something else. It also let him come off the field and not have to accept responsibility for his lackluster play and ultimately, Chicago’s loss. Often times the team who ‘wants it more’ comes out on top in the NFL and while Cutler may be talented it is his ‘loser’ mentality that holds him back from achieving success in such a competitive league. There are an abundance of players who play – or finish – games with an injury or not feeling 100%, and instead of taking the easy way out Cutler should have taken a page out of Jack Youngblood’s book. With Cutler under center it’s unlikely the Bears will ever become online football betting favorites.

Although they’ve lost the first two games, Chicago still has plenty of time to make improvements from last year’s season. It’s unclear whether or not Cutler will be playing in Week 3 due to his thumb, but honestly the Bears might be better off. Once Cutler got carted off Brian Hoyer stepped in and finished the game under center. Hoyer might not have led them to a victory but he still finished with a 91.7 passer rating. In Week 3 Chicago will be traveling to Texas to take on the Dallas Cowboys – a team also dealing with injuries at the quarterback position. Dak Prescott may be a rookie, but he still has better numbers for the season than Cutler. Coming into this game Prescott has completed 47-75 passes for 519 yards. He may not have any touchdowns, but he has been able to consistently march his team down the field into the opponents red zone. Thanks to the rookie’s efforts the Cowboys were able to overcome the Redskins last Sunday to advance to 1-1 for the season. However, Dallas is 0-1 at home, so what do most football betting sites say about their chances at home this Sunday?

Week 3 – Sunday the 25th of September

Bears + 7 ½ (-115) 45 (-110)
Cowboys -7 ½ (-105) 45 (-110)

Interestingly enough the Cowboys are coming into this contest as the favorites. The spread is set at 7 ½ points and with the Cowboys averaging 23 points per game, while the Bears are averaging only 14 per contest, it’s more than likely Dallas will cover the online football betting spread. So far this season the Bears have been much better against the pass than they have been against the run. With this in mind fantasy football fans can expect to see less of Prescott on Sunday and more of the Cowboys running game. Chicago’s offense has been struggling to convert third downs and maintain possession, and in the end this could spell defeat again for the Bears in Week 3.