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Colts Vying to Stay in Playoff Race in Week 11

The best online sportsbooks predicted that the Houston Texans would win the AFC South this season. For the most part, their prediction has come true. Right now the scene in the South looks like this; the Texans lead the division at 6-3, the Titans are right on their heels at 5-5, the Colts are behind Tennessee at 4-5, and the Jaguars are holding down the bottom of the South at 2-7. It’s still a tad bit early to rule out both the Colts and the Titans playoff chances, but its seems all too likely that neither team will be competing in the postseason. Regardless of that thought, Tennessee and Indianapolis will face off in Week 11 to prove that there’s still a chance for either of them. Let’s take a look at the lines football sportsbooks are putting together for this upcoming weekends contest.

NFL Odds – Week 11 – Sunday, November 20th

Indianapolis Colts -3 (-105) 53 (-110) -150
Tennessee Titans +3 (-115) 53 (-110) +130

This time around the best online sportsbooks have decided to favor the Indianapolis Colts, disregarding the fact that the Titans actually have a better record. This was an important season for Tennessee, especially since the franchise fired their head coach halfway through the 2015 season. 2016 marked the first time that Mike Mularkey would have the reins to the organization. But Mularkey got to witness first-hand what happens when a coach fails to bring results, so fans can be certain that that fate is looming at the back of the new coach’s mind. At 5-5 Mularkey has already won more games than Tennessee did last season. But will a handful of wins be enough to retain his head coaching position?

More than likely, and a win against a divisional rival will go a long way to secure Mularkey’s coaching position. While Mularkey might just be getting adjusted to his new position, the Colts’ head coach, Chuck Pagano, is already more than comfortable with his job. Pagano joined Indianapolis back in 2012 and was able to lead them to a breakout 11-5 record, a huge turnaround from the 2-14 record the Colts enjoyed the previous year. Since he joined the organization, Indianapolis has enjoyed great success; 3 straight 11-5 seasons, only to have an 8-8 record last year. 2015 was the first time that Pagano’s team broke from their usual success, but the best online sportsbooks were confident that it was more of a fluke than anything else. But since the Colts are currently 4-5, and it seems unlikely that they’ll win 7 straight games to finish the season, it seems that Indianapolis’ woes are more than just a fluke. Pagano will get a chance to try and bring it around this Sunday, but it wouldn’t be surprising to see the Titans assert their dominance.