Colts Likely to Lock Up AFC South With Win Over Houston

Posted by: Charlie Smith
Texans vs Colts - NFL Week 14 Betting

Going out is one of the greatest pleasures available to online football betting fans. The ability to go out and spend money on entertainment or food in order to enjoy the things that appease to you is inarguably one of the best things about living in the 21st century. With so many options to choose from spending money guarantees that you’ll get what you want, and if you don’t, the monetary expense warrants your ability to complain about the services. Usually, the restaurant or the entertainer will make the necessary adjustments in order to secure your business. But that isn’t the case for the Houston Texans who spent a considerable amount of money this past offseason in hopes of propelling their team to the playoffs. Unfortunately for the Texans, their purchase didn’t pan out and complaining to the player will indubitably produce worst results.

Brock Osweiler is without a question the most overpaid quarterback in the NFL. Better yet, Osweiler is the most overpaid professional athlete on the face of the planet. After Osweiler helped lead the Broncos to a playoff spot, the Texans offered him a 4-year $72 million contract. Osweiler’s lack of results is a stark reminder to NFL franchises about the dangers of throwing money at a player who has yet to truly prove himself. With Osweiler under center, let’s see what kind of odds NFL betting lines the best betting sportsbooks are putting together for the Texans next contest.

NFL Odds – Week 14 – Sunday, December 11th 

Houston Texans +6 (-115) 47 (-110)
Indianapolis Colts -6 (-105) 47 (-110)

The online football betting odds are siding with the Colts on Sunday. Since both Indianapolis and Houston are tied atop the AFC South with their record of 6-6, this game will have dire implications on the playoff picture, specifically which team will be winning the division. The Texans emerged triumphant over the Colts earlier in the year when these two faced each other but this time around the odds are predicting a different ending.
The Colts will be coming into this contest with a bit of momentum after pummeling the Jets this past Monday. But Houston will be coming in with their tail between their legs after losing the last three games. Statistically speaking, there are numerous differences between these two teams but perhaps the largest variance lies in their quarterbacks.

Andrew Luck is widely considered to be an elite quarterback. His 98.3 passer rating confirms that notion. Luck achieved this rating after throwing for 3,105 yards, 23 touchdowns and just 8 interceptions. Osweiler, on the other hand, is one of those quarterbacks that defenses look forward to facing. Osweiler will head into Sunday’s game with a 74.2 passer rating due to throwing for 14 touchdowns, 13 interceptions, and a measly 2,509 yards. So, despite both these teams having the same record, because of the differences at the quarterback position it makes perfect sense for the online football betting odds to favor the Colts over Houston.