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Colts and Jaguars will put on a Jolly good show in UK

Posted by: Mike Davis
Indianapolis Colts vs. Jacksonville Jaguars Game Preview

The Indianapolis Colts will rush the longest yard and “visit” the Jacksonville Jaguars at their “home field” of Wembley Stadium in London on Sunday, October 2nd as part of NFL International Series. So if you fancy fluttering some 20 quid on these American chaps – and I know I wouldn’t mind doing a bit of the old online football betting, myself – this is your chance, mate. Righto.

Colts -2½ (-115) 49½ (-110)
Jaguars +2½ (-105) 49½ (-110)

The Colts won their first game of the regular season in week 3 against the San Diego Chargers. Indy QB Andrew Luck had missed practice the previous Wednesday and did limited work on Thursday as a result of a sore throwing shoulder. But if you think that affected his gameplay, then you’d be 100% correct. Luck missed wide receiver T.Y. Hilton on a crucial play in the fourth quarter, an off-target throw that forced Hilton to spin around for an 8-yard catch on fourth-and-7. As Luck would have it, though, the Colts QB would redeem himself just 35 seconds later, throwing a picture perfect pass to Hilton with 1:17 left on the clock, and the WR spun out of a tackle and zig-zagged (shout out to Dolph Ziggler) 63 yards down the gridiron to give his team a 26-22 win over the Chargers. Indianapolis is 1-2.

The Jaguars are 0-3 for the third time in the past four seasons thanks to a 17-19 loss to the Baltimore Ravens. Head coach Gus Bradley should really consider seeking sanctuary in England; his 12-39 record in four years – the second-worst winning percentage of any NFL coach with at least 50 games – should have Jacksonville fans (of the online football betting variety and otherwise) asking for his head on a spike. Though to be fair, Jags Blake Bortles and his offensive were given plenty of brakes by the Ravens – Baltimore had three straight turnovers in the fourth quarter, and gave Jacksonville the ball in field-goal range all three times. However, the Jags came away with three points as Bortles threw the second of three interceptions.

Needless to say that the Colts aren’t exactly playing like they have the highest paid quarterback in the league on their roster – which they do. Nonetheless, if there is one thing that online football betting fans can rely on when it comes to Andrew Luck is and the Colts is that they do not usually lose to divisional opponents. Luck is 17-2 straight-up against the AFC South, and 19-20 against everyone else since debuting in 2012. Overall, the Colts are a league-best 17-6-1 against the spread versus divisional opponents since that same year. And Luck is 5-1 in his career against the Jags. The one intangible that could possibly sway fans placing online football bets is the fact the Colts are making their first trip to London, whereas the Jaguars have played Wembley Stadium three years in a row. They have lost two of those three games, but they might be getting the hang of it – they beat the Buffalo Bills 34-31 in London last year.